Antoine Gaber – Canadian Contemporary Film Producer, Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter – Artist Bio – 2017

In January 2017, several of Gaber artworks are displayed in Las Vegas during The West Coast Art & Frame (WCAF) Expo,


the largest event in the art and picture framing industry, showcasing thousands of new products. The West Coast Art & Frame (WCAF) Expo, the most highly regarded event in the industry attracts thousands of targeted industry buyers. The attendees represent 50 states from USA, 48 countries, to see the latest Art décor trends, allowing Gaber through his manufacturer and distributor to showcase his latest artwork collections, while increasing his branding across the USA, Canada, and the world.

Gaber as the Producer/ Director of the Documentary ” It’s all about ME ” addresses the Generations X, Y and Z that have grown increasingly self-absorbed from over four decades of nurturing and education based upon boosting self-esteem. ” It’s all about ME ” reveals the consequences of a society driven by instant gratification, a “Me, Me, Me” mentality and how younger generations can succeed in the “real world.”


Antoine Gaber, Film Producer and Director, for the documentary "it's all about ME" at COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival. Make a Difference Award(MADA)

Antoine Gaber, Film Producer and Director, for the documentary "it's all about ME" at The Daring Independent Film Festival. Award Winning Best Documentary.

Gaber Award winning 99 min. Documentary: ” It’s all about ME “ has also been released and available for sale, as Blu-ray, DVD (NTSC format) for USA, Mexico and Canada and can also be downloaded for tablets and mobile phone for the world. The documentary can be purchased on line.

Antoine Gaber Artwork at the TORONTO GIFT FAIR ENGAGING RETAIL 2016


In February 2017, some of Gaber’s newest artwork was presented at the TORONTO GIFT FAIR ENGAGING RETAIL, and later the ALBERTA GIFT FAIR,  showing New Products, New Trends, New Ideas.

As the top national gift fair and the largest trade-only event fair in Canada, the Toronto Gift Fair is where consumer trends begin. For more than 25 years, it has attracted an international audience of buyers who come to network, conduct business, see new trends, and engage in new business opportunities with the Canadian manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers.


In early 2017, under the patronage of the Mayor of Fort Erie, and collaboration of the Historic Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex in Fort Erie, a new initiative was created; The Gaber & Bell Tower Artist Mentorship Program “Artist Discovery Exhibit” that supports the strategic directions and actions defined in the Culture Plan throughout the Niagara Region of Ontario, in Canada.

The Mayor of Fort Erie Wayne H. Redekop and Antoine Gaber  

Quote from the Mayor of Fort Erie, Wayne Redekop

“Every artist has a muse, but few artists know business principles. Fort Erie is very fortunate to have someone as talented as Antoine Gaber to mentor and encourage local and Niagara artists and to guide them in how to market the fruits of their genius. I am honored to be the patron of the Artist Mentorship Program and thrilled to be associated with Antoine and the team at the Bell Tower in bringing this magnificent project and art exhibit to Fort Erie.”


The main objective of this Program is to identify regional exceptional artists talents through the Artist Discovery Exhibit and mentor them to an International level.

Gaber will lead as the Artistic Director and Curator for the development of emerging local talent that can demonstrate excellence in their art, and later mentored them to an International level.

Gaber will also give several presentations to Art and Culture Committees and Artists from the region to promote the Program.


Also in early 2017, Antoine Gaber as the Art Director / Curator agreed to bring and showcase the work of International Artists inspired by the theme of water. Under the Patronage of the Mayor of Niagara Falls, and the Niagara Falls History Museum Gaber as an Internationally renowned artist with his International network and collaborators are working closely in organizing, “ Water for Life” International Art Exhibition to be held from May 12 until September 9, 2018.

Event Curator / Art Director, Antoine Gaber, and his Worship Mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati.

As 20% of the fresh water from the world passes through Niagara Falls, the objective is to sensitize audiences to an important social and cultural issue that more than a billion individuals – one in seven people on the planet – now lack access to safe drinking water. This Exhibition is a first and unique cultural activity to engage the Regional and International community. Over 12.5 Million visitors per year visit Niagara Falls and its beautiful surroundings and participate in on-going activities.

At this event Gaber plans are to have a selection of artworks of the following media type; painting, photography, drawing, mixed media, digital art, sculpture, printing, and installations.

Gaber has participated and organized several International events as the Curator/ Artistic Director more recently supported by the City and Mayor of Toronto in 2014 and 2015. Gaber is bringing his International network and expertise to the table as the Curator / Art Director of this unique International cultural event.

In April 2017, in preparation for the launch of the prestigious “Water For Life” International Art Exhibition to be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (May-September 2018), Gaber met and worked closely with the famous artist and muralist painter Rina Lazo during a special trip to Mexico City.


CÁRCAMO DEL RÍO LERMA and the “Water For Life” International Art Exhibition


Rina Lazo, also took the opportunity to showcase and explain the History and stories depicted in several of her personal mural creations, particularly related to the Mayan culture which strongly influenced her art. Several of these artworks are located in important Museums in Mexico City.

Mural of Maya life by Rina Lazo, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Section of the two reproductions of the pre-Columbian murals of the Bonampak original murals painted by Rina Lazo

Diego Rivera Mural Museum

As per the Mexican tradition of welcoming special guests, Gaber and his filming crew and team were invited at Ms. Lazo’s exclusive home in Coyoacán, borough of Mexico City. The house, a colonial structure called Casa Colorada, said to be a residence of La Malinche who played a role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, acting as an interpreter, advisor, lover, and intermediary for the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés in the years 1519, one of the most significant events in the Spanish colonization of the Americas. It was later a monastery, prison and hospital.

Today Ms. Lazo home and art studio is not only a home, but also a historical site filled with an amazing rich History of Mexico.




Prior to the inauguration the famous Historian, cultural researcher and Art Critic from Mexico, Prof. Berta Taracena met with Gaber at her residence and wrote a special art critique following the assessment of Gaber’s various artworks. Later she also wrote a very special dedication to Gaber in her Art Textbook called “Estética del Arte Mexicano en el Tiempo”.



Also in April 2017, the Senator Luz María Beristain Navarrete and Art Critic Prof. Matty Roca invited Gaber, to have an International Solo Exhibition of his recent artworks at the prestigious Senate of the Republic of Mexico, in Mexico City.


 Senator Luz María Beristain Navarrete Art Critic Prof. Matty Roca  Angelina Herrera

International Cultural Promoter / Event Coordinator 

(Spanish version only)

Under Gaber’s International Program Passion for Life, Gaber’s Art was used to fundraise for the benefit CIMAB Foundation in support of the fight against Breast Cancer. Gaber partnered with CIMAB as their vision and mission were aligned with his Passion for Life International program values.

The Foundation’s mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality in Mexico through education, information, patient services and public awareness. Their objectives are to promote early detection, better access to diagnosis, and emotional support to patients.

A special catalogue was made available to the public in order to purchase and promote the artwork available for the fundraising initiative.

During Gaber’s speech at the Senate, through his Passion for Life Program and Exhibition he reiterated the importance of early diagnosis for breast cancer especially in the rural area of Mexico where sadly patients are diagnosed too late and die from their disease.

During the Senate inauguration speeches, the most famous Historian, cultural researcher and Art Critic from Mexico Prof. Berta Taracena made the official announcement, inviting Antoine Gaber to become the first Canadian Artists ever, to join the prestigious artist group of the “MIRADA COLOSAL”.

This elite group mostly composed of famous Mexican and some International illustrious artists have shown during their artistic life a universal vision of the Arts. They have demonstrated an authentic talent and the ability to bring together and express through their art a continuity of the art from the past to the Contemporary art of today into a powerful and aesthetic trend while also supporting important social causes.

It is an integrative and passionate work of rescue of artistic treasures, and powerful aesthetic trend, doubly valuable in an environment where the transcendence and value of art history are often ignored.

Gaber as an Artist; impressionist painter, contemporary photographer, film producer, and cancer researcher philanthropist, has shown through his vision of the universe, rich imagination and artistic qualities the ability to integrate all his talent, sensibility and different artistic expressions, all in support of an important humanitarian cause, the fight against cancer. Taracena also shared her great admiration and affection for Gaber as an Artist.


At the conclusion of the opening, Gaber also received on behalf of the Government of Mexico a special recognition given by the Senator Beristain Navarrete for his participation at the International solo Exhibition Passion for Life at the Senate of the Republic of Mexico.

Several Senators, famous Historians and Art Critics, illustrious Artists, such as Rina Lazo, Museum curators, media and the public, honored Gaber with their attendance at the official opening.


In June 2017, Gaber officially launched the first ever-international Canadian Artist Mentorship Program in Canada. Gaber was one of the key contributors of this Canadian historical event, as no similar Program existed prior in Canada.

Under the Patronage of His Worship, Mayor H. Redekop, Mayor of Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, the Honorable Wayne Gates, Member Provincial Parliament (MPP) of Ontario, the Bell Tower Owners, attending artists, media and the public were in attendance during the ribbon cutting inaugurating the first Art Exhibit.

The Mayor of Fort Erie Wayne H. Redekop and Antoine Gaber

This first cultural event showcased the work of 20 selected talented artists from 9 cities/ towns from the Niagara region and was curated by Gaber, as the Artistic Director.