Life Styles
Patricia MacKellar


The remarkable gentleman on the cover of this issue is a unique human being. Antoine Gaber was born in Cairo into a very interesting and talented family of performers including a cousin, the well-know actor Omar Sharif. He chose to live in a Del-managed condominium in a busy downtown area of Toronto, where he can be in walking distance of the Eaton Centre, the subway and presumably the theatres, museums, and art galleries, all the good things that living in Toronto can bring and that would be of particular interest to him.

Antoine came to Canada at the age of six and in his youth his creative nature led him to photography and, along the way, some acting too, but his family made certain of his formal education before they would let him become too deeply involved in the arts.

His profession as a pharmaceutical cancer research specialist has no doubt kept him busy over the years, but Antoine’s hidden talent was unveiled only a little more than seven years ago when he decided to pick up a paint brush. What a discovery that was! Happily for us, Antoine has been a participant in our annual Del art show for the past three years.


His paintings receive lots of attention at our shows and no doubt that is the case at the numerous other shows in which he has participated in around the world. One can see that Antoine’s fondness for the works of the great impressionists such as Degas, and my very own favourite Monet have been a great influence. I particularly appreciate his choice of vibrant colours and his use of texture. The photo of Antoine at his easel was taken as he was painting his impression of Gardens of Giverny, France while he stood in a garden next door to Monet’s home.

Speaking with Mr. Gaber, you can see that he has an inordinate amount of energy and enthusiasm, which give him the strength to be so dedicated to two very demanding interests. Or perhaps it is the other way around, his interests get his adrenalin flowing.


Antoine Gaber with paintings that were used for the art cards

Once again his profession and his passion came together in May, as the pieces shown here with him of the daffodil, and his beautiful impression of the blue Iris were printed on art cards and were made available in The Bay stores across the country, with the proceeds of the profits going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Recently, Antoine set up The Antoine Gaber Cancer Foundation who has on its board of directors noted doctors and researchers. This national private foundation is committed to finding a cure for cancer and enhancing the quality of life of cancer patients, by supporting Cancer Research through the funding of ethical clinical trials in Canada.

Antoine took time to chat with me at our Calling All Artists art show last month, to tell me that in the near future, imagery from his paintings will also appear on silk scarves, coasters and other items, with the proceeds of sales going to the foundation. He also spoke of his Canadian painting tour from coast to coast. This way he hopes to promote the Canadian landscape and add to the imagery collection that will help support the foundation. As the show came to a close, he quickly dashed off home to drop off his paintings and head for the airport to catch a flight to meet with people in New Brunswick. I believe this particular trip had more to do with his profession than with his art.

Antoine Gaber is a busy man, a talented man and a very caring person. And we are delighted to have had him grace the cover of Del Condominium Life.

To learn more about the man and of the Antoine Gaber Cancer Foundation, order his Art Cards, download his screen-savers and/or to view some of his lovely paintings, feel free to visit his website at


Antoine Gaber painting his impression of Gardens in Giverny, France