Antoine Gaber Painter / Researcher: Extraordinary People in Healthcare






MEDHUNTERS magazine: Newsletter – Sep 23, 2002 —

Dr. Antoine Gaber, a cancer researcher based in Toronto, Ontario, started to paint in 1994. He uses oils in his work, and favors the Impressionist style that “explore(s) the quality of ephemeral beauty and capture(s) the essence of changing, fleeting visions of nature.” Also a philanthropist, Gaber donates the procedures of some of his work to the Canadian Cancer Society and other charities.
Note to all readers who live in or will be visiting Toronto: Dr. Gaber is having an art show at 77 Carlton Street, on September 28 from 1300-2200h, and on September 29, from 1300-1800h.

For more information about Dr. Gaber, and to see his art, see: