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Art Critics – Prof. Argelia Castillo Cano

The Landscape Art of Antoine Gaber by Argelia Castillo Cano Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA) and the International Scientific Committee of Art Critics, for the Biennale of […]

Art Critics – Sarah Guerra

Sarah Guerra, Member of the Argentina art critics and the International Art Critics Association (AICA). Secretary of the Regional section of the AICA of Latin America and the Caribean. Translated […]

Art Critics – Prof. Hugo Covantes

Prof. Hugo Covantes, President of the Mexican Section of the International Association or Art Critics, AICA-UNESCO Antoine Gaber, today’s painter on the route to Impressionism.   Translated from Spanish, unedited […]

Art Critics – Prof. Antonio Mazzaro

Prof. Antonio Mazzaro Author, writer, philosopher and Art Professor, Isla Mujeres, Mexico What really stands out in Antoine Gaber´s last works is his desire to continue the impressionist tradition of “plein air”, […]




    Canadian Contemporary Artist, Photographer and Impressionist Painter