Amazing Success of the “Flowing Waters” Masquerade Night of Arts and Fashion cultural event


Gaber presented an exclusive and unique Pre-Premiere Artworks preview in Niagara Falls, Ontario of his newest collection titled “Navigating The Great Lakes” during the “Flowing Waters” Masquerade Night of Arts and Fashion cultural event organized by the Niagara Falls Filipino Community, just prior to his travels on his international tours.

After this exclusive Pre-Premiere, Gaber’s artworks will be exhibited during the “Water for Life”, International Art Exhibitions 6th and 7th Editions to be held at several prestigious Museums in Mexico.  

Along with the Pre-Premiere Artworks preview, there was an exquisite display and showing of Filipiniana gowns and barongs showcasing the glamour and charm of the Philippines formal attires being modeled along the serenade of some of the local Filipino performers.  Several important Dignitaries were supporting this exclusive event by their presence, and was a memorable evening, with an attendance of 300 guests.  

“Flowing Waters” Retrospective event Video

Some special moments during the entire event:

1. Event Entrance Photo Booth and Red Carpet



Photo Booth

Red Carpet



2. Welcome with Dignitaries on stage with Gaber

Gaber Welcome to Guests


Member of Parliament Niagara Falls Tony Baldinelli

Mayor of Niagara Falls Jim Diodati

Member of Provincial Government Niagara Falls Wayne Gates

Member of Parliament Mississauga Streetsville Rechie Valdez

Famous Guests

3. Dinner & Performers

Dignitaries Table

Guests Tables


4. Fashion Show

Gaber Fashionable Casual Wear

Gaber Classic Accessories Collections

Rosete Collection

Modern Philippines Fashion

Modern Philippines Fashion – Dignitaries

5. FINRO Oath Taking of new Members

6. Gaber Water for Life Presentation

7. Winners of the Raffles

8. Organizing Team