“Passion for life”
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The Bay and Orlane Paris partner with Canadian Impressionist painter, Antoine Gaber to fight Breast Cancer.

Launch of Canadian ” Passion for Life” Program to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA).


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Antoine Gaber
Canadian International Impressionist Artist Painter /

Cancer Researcher / Philanthropist

“Passion for Life” Artist Statement

As a medical researcher, I have come to appreciate how precious life truly is. From the journey faced by those fighting to overcome illness, to the artistic endeavors I have experienced as I continue through my journey of self-expression, one becomes acutely aware life is more than simply existing. It truly is a celebration. If you choose to embrace every day to the fullest; mixing it with a sense of wonder and purpose, you, too, will discover your inner peace. You, too, will realize your passion for life.

“My personal encounters with people suffering from cancer including within my own family touched my soul,” said Gaber. ” Despite all the ongoing clinical research activities, we still have a lot of work to do to find some cures. My cancer research and my art complement very well each other. As a cancer researcher I always worked to benefit the patients with cancer, today I use my artistic talents and International recognition to continue my work in support of the cancer patients, this is my legacy. My hope is that funds raised will help contribute to the work already being conducted in cancer research, ” Gaber stated.

“Passion for Life” Video News release (B-Roll) Questions / Answers:

Why did Antoine Gaber Artist initiated the “Passion for life” initiative for Breast Cancer Research?

The “Passion for life” initiative was initiated to continue to increase the awareness of breast cancer but also to the need to raise additional research funds to support our ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer.

Can you tell us what is the “Passion for Life program in Canada all about?

Passion for Life Program is a unique promotion, while addressing women’s beauty needs at the prestigious Orlane Cosmetic counters, customers will support this innovative fundraising event in support of Breast Cancer Research for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance.

During the month of March 2005, with the purchase of any two Orlane Paris Treatment products at The Bay stores, customers will receive a gift from Orlane Paris/Cosmolane; a choice of one of four different Giclées (Museum quality limited edition reproduction on canvas) of selected Gaber paintings, current estimated market value: $100.00 each.

As the Artist I will also donate a large percentage of the proceeds from the purchase of the Giclées by Orlane Paris/Cosmolane for this promotion in support of the fight against breast cancer for the women of Canada earmarked for clinical research.

I will also be available at specific Bay Stores to autograph the Giclées, as well as “Passion For Life” printed Posters and other collectibles in return for a donation to be made in support of the Charity.

Don’t you think that being a Cancer Researcher and an Internationally recognized Artist Painter, represents two careers that are opposite to each other?

My cancer research and my art complement very well each other. As a cancer researcher I always worked to benefit the patients with cancer, today I use my artistic talents and International recognition to continue my work in support of the cancer patients, this is my legacy.

Antoine Gaber can you explain the image of the painting that you are using for the theme ” Passion for Life “?

The painting used for the Theme “Passion for life” represents some water lilies. The darkness represents the dark time that every woman with breast cancer go through. However, we also have the bright yellow lilies that represent the hope. The light reflection on the water means that there is also hope on the path of the future, this hope comes from all the new treatments we are researching.

Antoine Gaber, why do you do Philanthropy with your art?

Philanthropy is my contribution in giving back to Humanity. God blessed me with several important talents in research, and as a successful artist, it is important to share my blessings through my philanthropy with the Society.

Is this the first launch of the “Passion for Life” initiative, and what are your future plans with this Program?

The “Passion for Life” theme and Programs are all about passion for the people and passion for the fight against important causes such as cancer and HIV.

The first Passion for Life Program was initiated in July 2004, in Latin America, especially in Mexico for the women with breast Cancer to raise awareness of the disease and help those patients affected by breast cancer. The program, an extensive Art Exhibition Tour of my original artwork and sales will be completed at the Museum of Cozumel end of February 2005. The fundraising awareness of the Program was under the Patronage by several notorious personalities such as Senator of the State of Mexico, Consul of Canada, United States and Italy. This increase awareness with the great support of the Media brought important visibility in return to support the cause through the Artist Donation.

In Canada we are implementing a different Program under the same theme “Passion for life”, this time with the support of Cosmolane/ Orlane Paris and the Bay retail stores across Canada, here we are looking at supporting Breast Cancer research through Corporate support and Artist Donations.

Future plans are to continue the “Passion for Life” initiative with innovative Programs adapted for Europe and the US market.

Gaber was born into an artistic family, in 1957, in Cairo, Egypt. A rich family tradition in the performing arts, as well as the influence of legendary actors, pop singers and songwriters, has enabled Gaber to develop a profound appreciation of artistic expression.

Self taught, Gaber only began painting in 1994, relying on inspiration from the work of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh, to guide him in his interpretation of landscapes, seascapes, still life and floral. His passion for art is boundless, as is his marriage to his professional career as a researcher in the treatment of cancer, HIV and liver disease. His paintings quickly drew attention and invitations to major exhibitions followed. The beginning of the millennium heralds great recognition for Gaber, as his work becomes increasingly known in Canada, the USA and sought after in Europe and in Latin America. Gaber has rapidly captured the media’s attention and has made the front page of several newspapers and television shows.
As one of Canada’s chosen artist, Gaber displayed his work at one of the most prestigious European exhibitions, the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, in Florence, Italy, in December 2003, and was awarded the prestigious prize of ” Lorenzo il Magnifico” by the President of the Biennale in recognition of his artistic career.

The widely distributed Canadian Newspaper, The National Post, Investing section published an article highlighting, that Gaber’s paintings’ overall value increased at an annual compound rate of 38% when compared to the Standard and Poor’s Market Index (S&P500) average return of 7% per year over the same period (1997-2003). This is the first publication ever, in which any artist has presented several years of data demonstrating the actual performance of his artwork when compared to the S&P 500.

As his talent deepens and matures, Antoine Gaber ceaselessly strives to enrich his understanding and expression of the world around him. An increasing presence on the world’s artistic stage is indicative of the piercing vision that guides and shapes Gaber’s ever-evolving oeuvre.
For more information about the artist you can visit his art site at: www.antoinegaber.com

Art Critic comments about Gaber’s artwork: Unedited quotes
Prof. John T. Spike, Critic and Art Historian (New York), Director of Florence Biennale

“Antoine Gaber is revisiting the impressionists with a fresh eye and his own sensibility. Gaber has immersed himself in the glories of Impressionism. His brush and heart are dedicated to making the art of the impressionists the art of today.

Prof. Matty Roca, Critic and Art Historian; Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), (Mexico)
” Through Antoine Gaber pictorial voyage, one encounters color, and nature with the Artist own style of painting and brushstrokes. Self-taught artist, his starting point is his interest in all “creative evolution of things” and through his emotions and sensibility his interpretation of nature and details, becomes alive.

The mastering of his impressionistic style delivers in his art, the creation of contrast, tones, and a special rhythmic dynamism of light and of shade, are without any doubts, his strongest points.

The poetical reading of his artwork provides a universe of internal peace and silence. One can imagine being in a bucolic (pastoral) landscape filled with flowers and, a pond dotted with water lilies that irrevocably leads in his profound inhabited emotions felt during the creation of his paintings. “

For further information:

The Bay Contact:
Ms. Katherine Raso
Public Relations HBC

The Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA)
790 Bay Street, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5G 1N8.

Impressionist Artist Painter, Antoine Gaber:  www.antoinegaber.com