Antoine Gaber Speech at Senate in Mexico City 2017


Dear Senator Luz María Beristain Navarrete, thank you for your kind invitation and for the honor to exhibit my recent Digital artworks at the Senate of Mexico. I am very honored to have our illustrious Art Critic la Maestra Berta Taracena and the famous illustrious Maestra Rina Lazo. I would also like to acknowledge that without the support of Prof. Matty Roca, International Art Critic, and the collaboration of Angelina Herrera, International Cultural Promoter / Event Coordinator this event would have not been possible.

I would also like to thank the public here today for their support in attending this important PASSION FOR LIFE International Art Exhibit.

This exhibition supports the Passion for Life International fundraising program launched in 2004 to fight cancer, by raising funds for cancer research and raise public awareness about the disease.

It is sad to see that despite all the great advances in cancer treatment and prevention, 1 woman out of 9 will still likely develop breast cancer in her lifetime. It is of most importance in order to save women’s lives that by increasing awareness we can with early diagnosis prevent death from this disease. Unfortunately in many areas, especially rural areas across Mexico, women are diagnosed too late and die from advanced breast cancer.

One of the purposes of this exhibition is to fundraise for the fight against breast cancer to benefit the CIMAB Foundation in Mexico. We have partnered with them as their vision and mission are aligned with our values. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality in Mexico through education, information, patient services and public awareness. Their objectives are to promote early detection, better access to diagnosis, and emotional support to patients. I am delighted that la Sra. Eliza Puente, Director of CIMAB and Adriana Cuevas present here today.

As an Artist and Cancer Researcher, I am pleased to announce that during the entire period of this exhibition the entire amount from the sales of all the artworks exhibited in the Senate will support the CIMAB Foundation efforts. Therefore I encourage all of you to purchase the artwork for your delight, but as well your support to this very important cause.

Thank you for your time.