Prof. John T. Spike, Critic and Art Historian (New York), Director of Florence Biennale

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Art Piece # 115, Blue Irises Still Life 2

5 December 2003

Edited quotes:

“In the early 70’s, conceptual artists deliberately appropriated Van Gogh’s work, this question of appropriation has been considered avant garde art. You (Gaber) are the most avant garde artist in this show (Biennale 2003). You have identified and emulated concepts in your work, your forms, shapes and colors that go together.”


” I like your Van Gogh representation, not only you created a good image but, I especially like the way the brush strokes are used, by taking the brush strokes to go right to the tips (of the flowers) which, are the 2 signs of a good Van Gogh representation”


Prof. John T. SpikeGaberSpike3



Art Piece # 147, Water Lilies 13


Edited quote:” Your foreboding grayish atmosphere, the mysteriousness use of the shadows, has moved your interpretation beyond the simple portrayal of a Monet’s Water lilies, my compliments on your paintings”
Prof. John T. SpikeBiennaleProfJohnSpikeArtCritique


Unedited quote“Antoine Gaber is revisiting the impressionists with a fresh eye and his own sensibility. Gaber has immersed himself in the glories of Impressionism. His brush and heart are dedicated to making the art of the impressionists the art of today.”


Antoine Gaber with Prof. John T. Spike, Critic and Art Historian (New York), Director of Florence Biennale

Biography of Prof. John T. Spike Art Critic:

Is the Director of the Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art and serves on the International Jury. In 1997, Pasquale Celona invites Dr. Spike to serve on the International Jury for the first edition of the Biennial. In the course of those 10 days of viewing the art and meeting the artists, Dr. Spike immediately became intrigued by the global vision, the cultural diversity and the bold and innovative expressions of the artists that he met at the Florence Biennial. After the first edition, Dr. Spike was invited to become the Director of the Florence biennial. He has directed the growth of the 2nd and 3rd Biennial and attracted eminent critics, such as Dore Ashton, Veronica Birke, David Rubin, and Barbara Rose, to serve on the International Jury and major cultural bodies to sponsor the participation of individual artists. John T. Spike received his PhD from Harvard University in 1979. He is an internationally respected historian of Italian art. He is the author of more than 20 books and has published major monographs on Masaccio(1996) and Fra Angelico(1997), and the standard raisonnés of the paintings of Mattia Preti(1999) and Caravagio (2001). In the course of his career, Spike has organized many exhibitions of Italian art and has read lectures at important museums around the world, including the pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna; the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Biblioteca Nazionale centrale, Florence; the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth; the Royal Society, London; the Pierpont Morgan Library and the Metropolitain Museum of art, New York; the Musée du Louvres, Paris; the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart; and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.