Prof. Matty Roca, Critic and Art Historian; Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), (Mexico)

WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2018: Message from Prof. Matty Roca, Art Critic and Art Historian (Mexico)

Prof. Matty Roca, Critic and Art Historian; Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), (Mexico)

Message from Prof. Matty Roca, Art Critic and Art Historian (Mexico)Water for Life, International Art Exhibition, Message from Prof. Matty Roca


Translated from Spanish, unedited quote

In the recent years, water that was considered the basic and pure component that inspired sacred celebrations is causing natural disasters such as tsunamis, threatening the survival of human beings and Nature.

The art of today is mainly based on research and experimentation, this is why Antoine Gaber’s ability to combine his passions, his clinical research career and his art for healing our spirit and creating harmony among people and nature.

The “Water for Life” Exhibition is a follow up from several past events for which we collaborated since 2004 while always including a social message for the benefit of humanity. In 2011, Antoine Gaber promoted for the first time in Mexico water protection through the event, “Water in Art” for which selected international artists exhibited their artwork in several public spaces in Mexico City, including in the Subway.

For the occasion of “Water for Life”, Rina Lazo, assistant and collaborator of the famous muralist Diego Rivera, showed a great interest in Gaber’s event as she herself with Diego Rivera were among the first promoters of clean water in Mexico City, through their stunning painting murals in the Cárcamo del Rio Lerma.

The International renown Art Critic, Berta Taracena, through her discovery of Antoine Gaber’s altruistic work, and his scientific and artistic talent wrote an exclusive art critique and invited him to join the National and International Elite Artists group of the “Mirada Colosal”.

Professor Taracena made the official announcement that Gaber became a full Member of “La Mirada Colosal” during his International solo exhibition “Passion for Life” and, fundraising Program for the fight against breast cancer at the Senate of the Republic of Mexico.

The “Water for Life” Art Exhibition, which takes place at the Niagara Falls History Museum, supports the importance of the water as essential element that feeds every living form on the planet.


Prof. Matty Roca

Art Critic and Art Historian,

Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), (Mexico)

About Antoine Gaber Art : Prof. Matty Roca

Translated from Spanish, unedited quote

February 2005

” Gaber contemplates the immense ideal and he has the spirit of art in his brain. The vibrating light is his anthem and the melody of landscapes finds shelter in his heart. He opens his arms to nature’s eternal beauty showing the magnificence of things in his shapes: the rose, the lily, and the snow…
He loves rainbows and the great palette of a flowery countryside with its colors and shades. He worships light and embraces it with tenderness. In his canvas he has reflected the great art he carries inside, from Wagner’s orchestral fantasies to the perception of an attentive philosopher who listens to the music of the stars.
From the roar of the tempest to the bird’s singing, everything melts together and connects in an infinite rhythm that emerges from a pure sky and wraps it with a sweet wave. From the distant horizon to the quivering and humble grass…
To my dear friend, with my love and admiration. Thanks for your altruism and your great heart full of love, for the eyes of your soul and for your perfect concept of the visible world and human spirit.”

December 2003

” Through Antoine Gaber pictorial voyage, one encounters color, and nature with the Artist own style of painting and brushstrokes. Self-taught artist, his starting point is his interest in all “creative evolution of things” and through his emotions and sensibility his interpretation of nature and details, becomes alive.

The mastering of his impressionistic style delivers in his art, the creation of contrast, tones, and a special rhythmic dynamism of light and of shade, are without any doubts, his strongest points.

The poetical reading of his artwork provides a universe of internal peace and silence. One can imagine being in a bucolic (pastoral) landscape filled with flowers and, a pond dotted with water lilies that irrevocably leads in his profound inhabited emotions felt during the creation of his paintings. “


Biography of Prof. Matty Roca Art Critic:

President of the Jury of the second Biennial of Contemporary Art in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Curator and Museologist of the International sculpture artwork, MONUMENTAL, exhibited in the “Malecòn del Campeche”. Director of the Cultural Association of Santorini, A.C. dedicated to the promotion of Hellenic culture, she represents officially this association in Mexico, D.F. Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA). President of the Talento, Culture and Fine Arts Institute, A.C.Works done in different activities in History, Art History, Philosophy, Literature, Fine Arts, Dance Music and Poetry. Curator of 19 exhibitions in Mexico. Director of the cultural section of the Association of Professional Public Relation in Cancun. Vice President of “Herencia Maya”, A.C. Curator of the temporary exhibitions of the Archaeology Museum of Cancun. Director of Cancun Art, many works done in different artistic activities where Japan, Israel, Spain and Italy took part.