Antoine Gaber – Canadian Contemporary Film Producer, Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter – Artist Bio – 1994-2002


(artistic name under GABER )
b. 1957

Born in Cairo, Antoine has always been at home in the arts. A rich family tradition in the performing arts and the influence of legendary actors, pop singers, songwriters and painters as relatives, has allowed Antoine to develop a profound appreciation of artistic expression. The intense sensitivity of Egypt’s light gave early inspiration to Antoine in his pursuit of photography from age 8. Antoine was nurtured in a French milieu with a myriad of influences from the stark beauty of the natural environment to the skillful blending of culture within Egypt and within his family.

Although Antoine had begun an acting career of some promise, he was thwarted by pressure for a traditional stable career. For the next 20 years, in Montreal and Toronto, Antoine would devote his time and energy to pharmaceutical cancer research, primarily with breast cancer therapies. However, throughout this time, Antoine would still continue to pursue photography and his love of the arts.


The year of 1994 was the turning point. On the eve of his birthday, Antoine gave expression to the realization of his true artistic calling. And so, Antoine began to paint with oil medium, motivated by the haunting beauty of Egypt, and the delicate interplay of light and substance. He found that Impressionism explored the quality of ephemeral beauty and captured the essence of changing, fleeting visions of nature. Self-taught, Antoine began to experiment with differing layering and blending techniques. He began to reproduce masterpieces by Degas, Monet, and Hooper. In fact, his interpretation of Tamara de Lempica’s The Model was the media kit image for one of the breast cancer therapies he had been working on.


In 1998, a collaborative series of impressionistic tableaux with Canadian painter, David Drum acted as a creative catalyst, giving rise to a blossoming of artistic promise. The beginning of the millennium heralds great recognition for Antoine as his work becomes increasingly known in Canada, the USA and sought after in Europe.

In 1999, Antoine has married his professional career in cancer research with his artistic expression. As such, one of Gaber’s paintings Breaking New Ground in Cancer graces the program for the 5th Specialist Workshop preceding the 6th Nottingham International Breast Cancer Meeting held in September 1999. For the four day duration of the conference, Antoine showcased an array of work. This meeting was attended by over 1100 top cancer specialists from around the world. During the four day meeting, Antoine exhibited a series of his work. Some of his paintings have been created in the region of Nottingham, UK in a preceding trip and others in Giverny (Normandy, France) during a workshop held at the Musée Impressioniste d’Art Américain.

In January 2000, Antoine exhibited a series of his work during the Prestigious Interior Design Show, held at the Toronto Convention Center. This convention was attended by over 42,000 people. Later in April his art was also featured on The Toronto Artist Home and Style Studio Tour as an art community fundraiser event to benefit HIV/AIDS related causes. An article written by journalist Karen Bridson profiled Antoine as “The Artist as a Businessman” demonstrating the importance of keeping a creative edge as a key to business success. This article made the front page of both, The Mississauga and the Toronto Business Times in July and August 2000 respectively.

In 2001, Antoine painted a large series of new works in France (Paris, Normandy region), Germany (Bavaria, Frankfurt region) and Portugal (Lisbon and surrounding region).

During the year he also focused on the creation and establishment of ” The Antoine Gaber Cancer Research Foundation” a private charity organization with the mission to create additional funding for ethical clinical trials for cancer research and as well the promotion of Artists.


The imageries of his art will be given to the Foundation and will be used to obtain research funds through the profits made from the sales of art collectible items (art cards, art book, calendars, silk scarves, coffee mugs, computer screen savers etc.). At a later time other artists will join the promotion of their art through the Foundation.

October 2001, was the initiation of an important project that will last a few years to complete of a Canadian painting tour starting from the East Coast to the West Coast.

The purpose is of two folds, one to promote the Canadian landscape and the second to create new art images that will also support the Foundation purpose.

Antoine has since rapidly captured the media’s attention and has since made the front page of several newspapers. In November 2001, Antoine was featured as a cancer Researcher, Artist and Philanthropist on a television series called ” My Escape” aired on Global Prime Network TV across Canada and the US.

In May 2002, the imagery of 2 of his paintings, of the Daffodils, and his Blue Irises were printed on art cards and were made available in The Bay stores across Canada, with all the proceeds of the profits going to the Canadian Cancer Society.




In September 2002, his art was also featured on The Toronto Artist Home and Style Studio Tour as an art community fundraiser event to benefit HIV/AIDS related causes.

As his talent deepens and matures, Antoine ceaselessly strives to enrich his understanding and expression of theworld around him. An increasing presence on the world’s artistic stage is indicative of the piercing vision that guides and shapes Gaber’s ever-evolving oeuvre.