Antoine Gaber – Canadian Contemporary Film Producer, Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter – Artist Bio – 2005

In January 2005, Gaber was invited to exhibit his floral artwork by the Floriveria Group during the Second Edition of the Sanremo Flower Festival in Italy.

sanremo_flowers_01 sanremo_flowers_02

Gaber pursued his continued support for cancer research while attending the Festival. Gaber introduced his fundraising initiative under the theme “PASSION FOR LIFE” during the official opening of the Festival.

This was Gaber’s first fundraising initiative to be held in Europe, during the Sanremo Flower Festival. Gaber exhibited some of his latest floral Giclées works and also autographed some of his Giclées art posters in support of the fundraising event for the Lega Antitumori, (cancer research charity based in Sanremo).


From Left to right: Floriveria Group organisers of the Sanremo Flower Festival, Mino Laurent, Michele Maglio, Antoine Gaber with the First Prize award for his fundraising initiative for the Lega Antitumori and the promotion of the Sanremo Flower Festival, Piero Guglielmi, and Vito Abba from the press Office.

Gaber’s “Passion for life” first fundraising initiative in Europe, was well covered by the media while supported by Italian Government officials, such as the Vice Minister of Agriculture of Italy and Assessor of Agriculture from the Liguria Region

At the conclusion of the Sanremo Flower Festival, Gaber was awarded the First Prize for his fundraising initiative for the Lega Antitumori and his International promotion of the Sanremo Flower Festival from the Assessor of Tourism and Events of the City of Sanremo.

In March 2005, Antoine Gaber partnered with The Bay, the largest retail store across Canada and Orlane Paris, Internationally renowned beauty products, to fight Breast Cancer with the launch of the Canadian ” PASSION FOR LIFE Program. The objectives of the program was to increase breast cancer awareness and to raise funds for research for one of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA) partners, to benefit the women of Canada.

Following his success of his “PASSION FOR LIFE” program launched in Latin America (Mexico), in July 2004 and in Europe (Italy) in January 2005, Antoine Gaber, brought art to life with “Passion for Life” and brought “Hope for life” to women struggling with this disease across Canada.

Antoine Gaber has worked in Breast Cancer Research for many years contributing to the development of several breast cancer drugs, and now he is using his internationally recognized artistic talent to contribute to raise funds for cancer research and awareness. Having worked for several years in cancer clinical research, Antoine Gaber’s passion for life and the well being of patients are reflected not only in his clinical research work, and his art, but in the philanthropic causes he supports. Antoine Gaber’s vision and focus have always been toward making our world a better one.

Although there have been improvements in survival of breast cancer over the last decade, and many of these improvement directly related to research and new drugs, there are still too many women getting breast cancer and dying of the disease. It is only through more funding and new research initiatives that we will advance in finding a cure. The “PASSION FOR LIFE” program has been created and promoted by Antoine Gaber whose creativity is known in both artistic and drug development arenas. Creating awareness and raising more funds for breast cancer research through the CBCRA partners will benefit cancer patients now and in the future thanks to Gaber’s art and initiative.

In Canada, “PASSION FOR LIFE” was an innovative and unique promotion because it addressed women’s beauty needs and enabled customers to support an important woman’s issue.

Gaber traveled to various Bay stores across Canada to showcase some of his original artwork for sale and for autograph sessions of his giclées and “PASSION FOR LIFE” printed posters. Gaber was also accompanied by Internationally renowned breast cancer specialists during several of his press conferences to inform and update Canadians about the efforts of breast cancer research.

In June 2005, Antoine Gaber celebrated his 11th year of artistic career. On this occasion he launched his first art book as an artist painter in 3 languages. His paintings bring a new life to the impressionist art with a fresh eye that has become his trademark. His book titled “Antoine Gaber, Passion for Life” describes the artist beginnings as an artist painter and his almost immediate success that has followed during his last eleven years.

During the same period, Gaber launched his newest art card collection of his paintings.

Antoine Gaber’s “PASSION FOR LIFE” fundraising program future plans will be to continue with the launch of new innovative initiatives with corporate sponsors, tailored for the Canadian, US and European markets.


In December 2005, as one of Canada’s chosen artist, Gaber accepted to represent once more Canada and display his most recent innovative engineered convex art work design, during one of the most prestigious European exhibition, the 5th Edition Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, in Florence, Italy.

Over 768 artists from 74 nations exhibited more than 2000 artworks. The International Scientific Committee, composed of 20 members, evaluated the works in the categories of painting, sculpture, graphic, mixed media, installation, photography and digital art.

During the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Antoine Gaber had the opportunity to meet and discuss with several world renown Artists such as Richard Anuszkiewicz and Christo and Jeanne-Claude, famous sculptors Carole A. Feuerman, USA, Mario Pachioli, Italy, creator of the Lorenzo il Magnifico award and several fellow artists from around the world.


Gregorio Luke Director of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach California with Artist Antoine Gaber.


Gaber had the opportunity to discuss his art with several Museum directors such as Gregorio Luke Director of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach California, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Associate Museum Educator Rosa Tejada, Stefano Francolini, Art Historian and Critic, Direttore settore restauro Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Firenze, Prof. Matty Roca, Critic, art Historian (Mexico), and also a Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), and Prof. John T. Spike, member of the Florence Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea International Jury, Director of the Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art, Critic, art Historian (New York).

Some of the Foreign Government representatives, such as Honorary Consul of México in Florence, and the Superintendent of the Cultural Heritage from the Cabinet of the President of the Legislative Assembly, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, specially recognised Gaber artwork and fundraising initiative and program “PASSION FOR LIFE“.



The official Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea 5th Edition Catalogue 2005 distributed to several Art Museum, and Art Galleries around the world also containing Antoine Gaber Listing and Artwork, have already brought during Gaber’s visit at the Biennale new art exhibitions opportunities with International Galleries. Gaber agreed to exhibit his art in several European Countries (Sweden, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Spain) and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil).

During the Florence Biennale 2005 Award Ceremony, Prof. Pasquale Celona, President of the Florence Biennale, awarded Antoine Gaber, Canadian, international impressionist artist painter, and cancer researcher with the prestigious Prize of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico”, in recognition of his International artistic and social fundraising initiative ” PASSION FOR LIFE” in support of cancer research.

The Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence, have now joined Antoine Gaber as Artistic Partner, bringing art to life in support of cancer awareness and research with Gaber’s “PASSION FOR LIFE” Program. This Program will continue to raise additional funds for cancer research and awareness around the world. This important partnering now presents new opportunities for selected Biennale of Florence Artists from around the world to be offered the opportunity to join Gaber’s future International artistic fundraising efforts.

In view of the context of his International fundraising initiative, during the Award Ceremony, Antoine Gaber was the only artist receiving a special permission by the Biennale President to make a speech sharing his vision on his artistic and social fundraising Program “PASSION FOR LIFE” .



Photo: Antoine Gaber speech during the award Ceremony at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence

During his short speech, Gaber’s message touched the heart of several of his fellow artist and has subsequently received an amazing support from several of his fellow artist from around the world. This outstanding support has now opened the doors to several new International opportunities with other Artists to further expand Gaber’s “PASSION FOR LIFE” Fundraising Program around the world as a unified International Artistic Force in support of cancer awareness and research.


Indeed, Antoine Gaber strives to heal and soothe the viewer with his art (art healing), because absorbing beauty is the first step in any healing of the body and spirit. Through PASSION FOR LIFE International Program, Gaber contributes to the artist’s mission: putting his talent to work for a good cause in an ongoing concern for harmony and communion with people and nature.

As his talent deepens and matures, Antoine ceaselessly strives to enrich his understanding and expression of theworld around him. An increasing presence on the world’s artistic stage is indicative of the piercing vision that guides and shapes Gaber’s ever-evolving oeuvre.