Antoine Gaber – Canadian Contemporary Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter – Artist Bio – 2006

In 2006, Gaber, contributed in the development of a special painting used as the cover image design for a patient education book on Familial Colorectal Cancer titled “Colorectal Cancer Can Run in the Family“. Colorectal Cancer Can Run in the Family, a book containing 13 chapters written by the field’s foremost specialists from around the world, provides a straightforward explanation of the disease, which has been one of the most tabooed types of cancer. The book aims at informing patients and their families about the risk factors associated with the disease (and genetically related risks) and advocates early detection in the near future.

The first book print-run of over 30,000 copies has first been released in English speaking Countries around the world. At a later date, the book will be published in other languages such as: French, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Gaber’s illustration and Promotion of a Book about Inherited Colorectal Cancer

Furthermore, this book has also received a great support from high profile figurehead, also affected by colorectal cancer such as Mrs. Lynn Faulds Wood, famous BBC TV Presenter who wrote the Preface of the book.

Gaber’s book covers artwork, can also be used for the production of posters to be displayed and used during International Scientific Conferences, Hospitals or Institutes around the world, as a tool to facilitate Healthcare Professionals communications with the patients, concerning their risk of developing the disease. Gaber’s constant contribution in the Arts and Science in support of his cause, to fight cancer around the world, through increased awareness, prevention and clinical research is providing the artist painter and cancer researcher a new opportunity to get closer everyday, in the constant fight against this disease.

The year 2006 marks a special moment for Gaber’s artistic career, being his first time for which he receives personal invitations to exhibit his art in several Museums in Italy and Spain, and over 10 exhibitions across Europe as well. Thus, Gaber persues his PASSION FOR LIFE fundraising art exhibitions in Florence, Italy with the support and contribution of 18 artists from 13 Countries from around the world.

The launch of PASSION FOR LIFE fundraising event in Florence under the patronage of City of Florence was initiated in June 2006 in support the Meyer Paediatric Hospital, Department of Hemato-Oncology to raise cancer awareness and raise additional funds for cancer research.


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Antoine Gaber with the spectacular view from the Terrace of the Baglioni Hotel, Florence

Gaber’s PASSION FOR LIFE press conference about the Program was held in Florence was covered by an important number of journalists. Gaber speech deeply resonated with the journalists. Gaber’s PASSION FOR LIFE program later received a significant support and coverage from the Italian media.

Antoine Gaber during the PASSION FOR LIFE Press Conference Launch and some of the TV interviews with the Italian Media in Florence.

Gaber had the opportunity to also visit the Meyer Paediatric Hospital, Department of Hemato-Oncology and meet with the Chief of staff of the department as well as the Foundation management to discuss the ongoing paediatric cancer research and Hospital expansion project.

During Gaber stay in Florence, an exclusive personal invitation was made by the President of the Health Commission and Social Politics of Florence to Gaber to visit the very exclusive section the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, section generally reserved to the Head of States visitors. Gaber was honoured by this kind gesture of recognition by the officials of Florence and their support of the PASSION FOR LIFE fundraising Program.

One of the first key event for the PASSION FOR LIFE fundraising official inauguration was an exclusive Gala Dinner on the splendid terrace of the famous Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence. Several distinguished guests and corporate sponsors attended the event which was also hosted by one of the famous Italian Radio broadcaster.

During this Gala Dinner, the Management officials of the Meyer Paediatric Hospital Foundation and Hospital presented to Gaber a Recognition Award for Gaber’s PASSION FOR LIFE fundraising program in support of cancer research for the paediatric Hematology-Oncology department.

Dott. Prof. Stefano Francolini famous Art Critic and Historian, Director of the Restoration Department at the Opificio delle Pietre dure in Florence with Artist Antoine Gaber
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(available only in Italian)

June 2006 also will mark twelve years of artistic endeavor for Gaber and the creation of Gaber PASSION FOR LIFE Fashion Line.

In preparation of Gaber’s Fashion Line launch during the exclusive Grand Gala evening in Florence, Gaber was invited to attend the rehearsal of the very specially created choreography incorporating gaber Fashion line, by the famous Directors of the Florence Dance Festival Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone at the Villa Medicea della Petraia.

View of Villa Medicea della Petraia in Florence, official Launch location of Gaber’s Passion for Life Fashion Line.

The well known choreographer Keith Ferronne originally from New York who’s work was influenced by famous people such as Igal Perry, Benjamin Harkarvy and John Butler. Ferrone worked also very closely with internationally renowned Prima Ballerina Etoile dancer Marga Nativo for this special Gaber Fashion Line Choreography. Marga Nativo, danced in the most famous world theathers and was directed by the famous international choreographers such as Bejart, Butler, Massine, Millos, Russillo, Araiz, Perry and had famous dance partners such as Nureyev, Donn, Bortoluzzi, Gades and Madsen. Gaber was honored to have this choreography specially created by the Directors of the Florence Dance Festival for the PASSION FOR LIFE Fashion Line launch.

Over 250 special guests attended the exclusive Grand Gala evening held at the Villa Medicea della Petraia, during the Florence Dance Festival, XVII edition including several Government officials such as the Consul of the USA, UK and other important guests.

Directors of the Florence Dance Festival, renowned Prima Ballerina Etoile dancer Marga Nativo and well known choreographer Keith Ferrone at the Villa Medicea della Petraia during the rehearsal of the very specially created choreography incorporating Gaber Fashion line.

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July 2006 marks the first significant PASSION FOR LIFE art exhibition opening of Antoine Gaber Art works at the exclusive Museum and Cloister “Museo Diocesano della Chiesa di Santo Stefano”in Florence. Media and art critics and guests attended this special opening in the most exquisite art Museum in the historical site of the City of the Arts, Florence.

Official opening of Antoine Gaber’s PASSION FOR LIFE Art Exhibition(1st-10July, 2006) at the exclusive Museum and Cloister “Museo Diocesano della Chiesa di Santo Stefano”, Florence. Dr. Giampaolo Trotta, art critic was commenting about Gaber Art work during media interview.


Indeed, Antoine Gaber strives to heal and soothe the viewer with his art (art healing), because absorbing beauty is the first step in any healing of the body and spirit. Through PASSION FOR LIFE International Program, Gaber contributes to the artist’s mission: putting his talent to work for a good cause in an ongoing concern for harmony and communion with people and nature.

As his talent deepens and matures, Antoine ceaselessly strives to enrich his understanding and expression of theworld around him. An increasing presence on the world’s artistic stage is indicative of the piercing vision that guides and shapes Gaber’s ever-evolving oeuvre.