Antoine Gaber – Canadian Contemporary Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter – Artist Bio – 2010

Gaber focused on expanding his art as a Photographer and Digital Artist. He created and later secured a Trade Mark of his unique Digital Art Photography artwork technique named Evolutional Ribbonized Photography™.

Staring in 2009 and during 2010, Gaber created several thousands of new images. Later he licensed out an important selection of his Digital Artwork of landscapes, floral, and architecture to an important Manufacturer and Distributor selling to large major retail stores chains across North America.

Gaber successfully entered the mass market of Home Décor Art, making it a new and innovative Contemporary Art, at affordable prices and now available to all segments of the population who wish to own decorative art. Through the North America (Canada, & USA) large distribution networks, Gaber successfully expanded his artistic presence as a Painter and Photographer across North America.