Antoine Gaber speech during the award Ceremony at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence


10 December 2005 16:00 h

Professor Celona, distinguished guests, Fellow artists.

I am very touched and honored to receive this prestigious award of “Lorenzo il Magnifico“.

I would like to accept this award on behalf of all the cancer patients for whom we fundraised in different Countries to support them in improving their life outcome through research and awareness.

The “Passion for life” Program purpose is to increase awareness of cancer as a disease and support funding for research. Only through awareness and research that we will able to change the outcome of this disease.

Most of the artist present today have one thing in common, we are all sensitive and compassionate people that often use their art as a vehicle to make a statement about a political situation that infringes human rights, injustice of this world, violence, pain from the war or other.

Today I would like to suggest for all artists to go even further in their artistic expression and act on important issues that are very close to all of us. We often forget those important issues that are so very close to all of us, such as cancer, that is still taking lives of our loved ones away. If we take per example, breast cancer, one of 9 women is likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and that is one too many!

All of us may have experienced the loss of a mother, sister, wife, or close friend, to this terrible disease, breast cancer. One can ask what are we doing as an artistic community to change the current health outcomes?

What can we do to make a difference in this world, and what can we do together to make this difference?

Today the Biennale of Florence has officially become an important International Partner to the Antoine Gaber “Passion for Life Program“, and you are now also officially invited as members to support the cause. I would encourage every artist at this Biennale of Florence representing 74 Countries to participate and join this important Program.

Through the Biennale of Florence, there is a great opportunity to join the ongoing International fundraising events by providing some of your art or a percentage of the sale of your art through the future fundraising initiatives of “Passion for Life“.

Only together, as a united artistic force we will make a difference in improving the health outcome of cancer patients from around the world.

Thank you for your kind attention.