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Category Archives: Art Critics

Authors and Journalists Opinions Nora Atalla

The Three Natures of Antoine Gaber… Artist, Philanthropist and Business Man. BRIEF BIOGRAPHY (Download Biography) In just a decade, Antoine Gaber has earned his place among the most valued painters […]

Art Critics – Dott. Prof. Stefano Francolini

The glamour of impression or Antoine Gaber’s artwork by Dott. Prof. Stefano Francolini Noble of Fermo Art Historian Former Coordinator Director C3 Super Ministry of Culture (Italian version only) (Duration: […]

Art Critics – Adriana Herrera Téllez

Antoine Gaber and the Contemporary exploration of curative art by Adriana Herrera Téllez Journalist, and Art Critic, Miami, Florida Translated from Spanish, unedited quote Canadian artist Antoine Gaber revisits the […]

Art Critics – Prof. Giampaolo Trotta

Antoine Gaber’s Artwork by Prof. Giampaolo Trotta, Art Critic, Exhibition curator Between past and future, a sparkling showcase of international contemporary arts forms and contents, a pulse of life (Download […]




    Canadian Contemporary Artist, Photographer and Impressionist Painter