Gaber creating a Constituency 2023 Calendar for Mrs. Rechie Valdez, Member of Parliament for Mississauga- Streetsville, Ontario, Canada

01 2023 Rechie Calendar January 2023

We are pleased to share that an agreement was signed on November 7, 2022 between Mrs. Rechie Valdez, Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Streetsville, and Antoine Gaber in order to be photographed by Gaber in his studio for the purpose of creating a Constituency 2023 Calendar.

Her personal digital photos images were first taken, then incorporated within Antoine Gaber’s artworks. One of Gaber’s artwork for each month was selected by Mrs. Rechie to cover the period of starting in January 2023 until January 2024. These monthly calendar images will also be posted at the beginning of each month on Mrs. Valdez social media for the purpose of promoting her calendar.

The electoral District of Mississauga- Streetsville covers a surface area of 46 Km2 and is located in the Province of Ontario, with a population of 118,301.

About 30,000 art calendars were printed and distributed to each Constituency residence, allowing the population of Mississauga-Streetsville to discover and enjoy Antoine Gaber’s artworks.