Painting donation to the Pavillon André-Chalut of the Regional Hospital Cancer Center of Lanaudière (CHRDL).

L’Expression de Lanaudière
Sunday October 24, 2004


Logo Expression Lanaudiere


From right to left: Doctor Victor Ghobril, Hemato-Oncologist, Lucie Vachon, representative of Berlex Canada, Antoine Gaber, Artist, and Doctor Sarkis Santikyan, Hemato-Oncologist.

The customers of the Department of Hemato-Oncology of the Regional Hospital Cancer Center of Lanaudière will be able to admire a magnificent painting from the artist Antoine Gaber, which work is becoming more and more recognized in Canada, US, sought after in Europe and recently in Latin America. Gaber’s painting, a donation from Berlex Canada, has been officially inaugurated on September 9th, 2004 during the opening ceremony of the new offices, now called Pavillon André-Chalut.