In April 2017, the Senator Luz María Beristain Navarrete and Art Critic Prof. Matty Roca invited Gaber, to have an International Solo Exhibition of his recent artworks at the prestigious Senate of the Republic of Mexico, in Mexico City.


 Senator Luz María Beristain Navarrete Art Critic Prof. Matty Roca  Angelina Herrera

International Cultural Promoter / Event Coordinator 

(Spanish version only)

Under Gaber’s International Program Passion for Life, Gaber’s Art was used to fundraise for the benefit CIMAB Foundation in support of the fight against Breast Cancer. Gaber partnered with CIMAB as their vision and mission were aligned with his Passion for Life International program values.

The Foundation’s mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality in Mexico through education, information, patient services and public awareness. Their objectives are to promote early detection, better access to diagnosis, and emotional support to patients.

A special catalogue was made available to the public in order to purchase and promote the artwork available for the fundraising initiative.

During Gaber’s speech at the Senate, through his Passion for Life Program and Exhibition he reiterated the importance of early diagnosis for breast cancer especially in the rural area of Mexico where sadly patients are diagnosed too late and die from their disease.

During the Senate inauguration speeches, the most famous Historian, cultural researcher and Art Critic from Mexico Prof. Berta Taracena made the official announcement, inviting Antoine Gaber to become the first Canadian Artists ever, to join the prestigious artist group of the “MIRADA COLOSAL”.

This elite group mostly composed of famous Mexican and some International illustrious artists have shown during their artistic life a universal vision of the Arts. They have demonstrated an authentic talent and the ability to bring together and express through their art a continuity of the art from the past to the Contemporary art of today into a powerful and aesthetic trend while also supporting important social causes.

It is an integrative and passionate work of rescue of artistic treasures, and powerful aesthetic trend, doubly valuable in an environment where the transcendence and value of art history are often ignored.

Gaber as an Artist; impressionist painter, contemporary photographer, film producer, and cancer researcher philanthropist, has shown through his vision of the universe, rich imagination and artistic qualities the ability to integrate all his talent, sensibility and different artistic expressions, all in support of an important humanitarian cause, the fight against cancer. Taracena also shared her great admiration and affection for Gaber as an Artist.

At the conclusion of the opening, Gaber also received on behalf of the Government of Mexico a special recognition given by the Senator Beristain Navarrete for his participation at the International solo Exhibition Passion for Life at the Senate of the Republic of Mexico.

Several Senators, famous Historians and Art Critics, illustrious Artists, such as Rina Lazo, Museum curators, media and the public, honored Gaber with their attendance at the official opening.