Coverage of the Press Conference of the Important Painting Exhibition Tour by Canadian and International Artist Painter Antoine Gaber during the Breast Cancer Fundraising Event in México.


Professor Matty Roca’s speech: ” It is the first time that I have the opportunity to introduce an artist that is a philanthropist and as well a scientist with multiple interests. He has the ability to combine all his goals successfully through his career in clinical research, always guided by his passion for the people who suffer from cancer. He is an example, of dedication, and commitment for everything he plans and executes, which without any doubt is his trademark of his immense success.”

“Coverage of the Press Conference”
Live coverage, July 23, 2004

Courtesy of Televisa© 2004

Duration: 12:22 minutes


Coverage of Antoine Gaber Artist Painter during the VIP Opening on July 23, 2004


Antoine Gaber’s speech:

It is an honor to attend the opening of the start of a 7 month Antoine Gaber Art Exhibition Tour under the theme ” Passion for Life”, in support of the fight against breast cancer to benefit the women of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. First I would like to acknowledge that without the outstanding support through the Patronage of the Senator Joaquin, the support of the Honorary Members, and Prof Roca, this event would have not been possible. I am also grateful for the collaboration of the officials from the Government of Mexico, Canada and US for facilitating such an important event in support of the women of the State of Quintana Roo.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the kind support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Honorable Bill Graham and his wife for personally assisting me in resolving some issues during the planning process of this event.

It is rewarding to realize that all of us, gathered here tonight are joining forces for the same cause, the fight against breast cancer. I am sure that all of us know or have lost a family member, friend, or relative from this terrible disease. Unfortunatly, 1 women out of 9 is likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Early detection and advances in clinical research are 2 important factors to improve patient survival and quality of life in the fight against this disease.

As too many women in Mexico die because of late detection, it becomes of upmost importance that women of Mexico are even more sensitized to the importance of regular self breast examination. It is all, our responsibility to ensure that education about the disease continues and spreads across the Country, and with the help of better communication channels such as the media, and such fundraising events, we will reach our goal and be able to save lives.

I am pleased to announce that the funds raised will ge given to the Grupo Desafio de Quintana Roo, A.C. representing in this State the Associasion Mexicanna de Lucha contra el Cancer A.C. The theme of the Antoine Gaber Art Exhibition Tour in Mexico is about “Passion for Life”. It is all about the passion for the people and the passion of the arts. This fundraising exhibition tour is an opportunity for all the Americas to join throught the exchange of culture and the arts to fight a common cause, Breast Cancer.

I would like to conclude by thanking all of you for your presence today, at the Antoine Gaber Art Exhibition Tour, Press Conference and hope that together, united for the same cause, we will one day soon, cure this terrible disease.