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Antoine Gaber Canadian International Impressionist Artist Painter to exhibit his art in support of fundraising for Cancer Research Charity during the Flower Festival in Sanremo, Italy

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Toronto, January 18 2005: The Canadian impressionist artist painter, cancer researcher, and philanthropist Antoine Gaber, who for many years supported fundraising initiatives for cancer research in Canada, and more recently Mexico, will be pursuing his support for cancer research while attending the Sanremo Flower Festival. Gaber will introduce his new fundraising initiative under the theme “Passion for Life”.

This is Gaber’s first fundraising initiative to be held in Europe, during the Sanremo Flower Festival. Gaber will be exhibiting some of his latest floral Giclées works and will also be autographing some of his art posters in support of the fundraising event for the Lega Antitumori, (cancer research charity based in Sanremo). Antoine Gaber was awarded with the prestigious Prize of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico”, in recognition of Gaber’s artistic career during the 2003 Florence Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea. During his various exhibitions held in several Countries, Gaber contributed an important percentage of the sale of his artworks, and the profits from the use of the imagery of his art to raise funds to further support cancer research.


Professor Kathleen Pritchard, from the Toronto Sunnybrook Cancer Center, Canada in Antoine Gaber’s studio

Having worked for several years in cancer clinical research, Antoine’s passion for life and the well being of patients are reflected not only in his clinical research work, and his art, but in the philanthropic causes he supports. Antoine’s vision and focus have always been toward making our world a better one,” said Professor Kathleen Pritchard, from the Toronto Sunnybrook Cancer Center, Canada, and an internationally renown cancer specialist.

“My personal encounters with people suffering from cancer including within my own family touched my soul,” said Gaber. ” Despite all the ongoing clinical research activities, we still have a lot of work to do to find some cures. My hope is that funds raised will help contribute to the work already being conducted in cancer research, ” Gaber stated.

After the great success of the first edition with more than 10,000 visitors, Floriviera is preparing for the 2005 edition of the Sanremo Flower Festival.

The second edition of the Sanremo Flower Festival will be held in the Flower Market at Sanremo from 28th-30th January 2005:
the annual event where all aspects of flora produced in the Ligurian Ponente (western Liguria) are exhibited, from evergreen plants, cacti, flowering plants to aromatic herbs. It is an unmissable appointment where one can immerse oneself in the thousands of colours and perfumes only to be found in the Sanremo area, thanks to its microclimate allowing them to be cultivated in winter.

A large section of the exhibition will be dedicated to floral decorations for domestic or work environments, and of course for those of enjoy flower arranging as a hobby. Flower designers will demonstrate in courses and lessons that their innovative techniques can produce more than just the classic bouquet but masterpieces of floral architecture in the Sanremo Italian Style. The role of the flower designer is more and more important in creating trends and the winner of the Concorso Bouquet Sanremo 2005 (Bouquet Sanremo 2005 Competition), will design the bouquets given to the guests, stars and winners of the famous Sanremo Music Festival.

Once again the Flower Festival will also hold the Corso Fiorito, the impressive procession of floral floats, which is filmed in direct transmission by RAI (Italian State television) for the programme Linea Verde, confirming to thousands of Italians the sun and colours of Sanremo.

Amongst the Festival’s many other initiatives is a wonderful exhibition of roses: emphasizing their authentic perfume, which for some time now has lost importance for the growers to the longevity and variety of colour of the rose. Here the fundamental and original characteristic of the rose: the perfume returns to take front line.

Floral schools present at the Festival will hold professional demonstrations with explanations of styles and techniques, giving the visitor a chance to understand and appreciate the fundamental importance of these schools.

Within the Flower Festival, Fioritec will hold the 11th Salon of Mediterranean floriculture, a specialized commercial exhibition, updating people in the commercial sector on the latest trends from production to the selling of the finished product. The best producers of all sectors of floriculture will also be present, demonstrating the latest trends in vegetable growing, plant engineering, machinery, fertilizers, plant protection products, cut flower conservation techniques, flower arranging and equipment for the transportation of flowers, to name but some aspects on view to the visitor.

Meetings and round tables will allow the technical and commercial aspects of floriculture to be discussed in depth: on a local level, for the Ligurian Ponente itself, and on an international level where 85% of Italian flowers exported worldwide come from Ligurian Ponente.

At the end of the exhibition the visitors will also be invited to take the exhibited floral displays home with them, leaving a donation whereby the proceeds go to the Lega Antitumori, (cancer research charity based in Sanremo).

The organizers of the exhibition, Floriviera, are promoted by the Comune di Sanremo and by Sanremo Promotion, with patronage of the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole and the support of the Distretto Florivivaistico, the Regione Liguria, the Provincia di Imperia, the C.C.I.A.A. and the Prefetto di Imperia.


Organizational Body: Floriviera, Via Q. Mansuino 12, 18038 Sanremo, Italy

For further information:

Sanremo Promotion, Villa Zirio – Corso Cavallotti 51, 18038 – Sanremo, Italy

Press Office: Studio Abba, Corso Italia 6 – 50123 Florence, Italy


About the Artist Painter Antoine Gaber

Gaber was born into an artistic family, in 1957, in Cairo, Egypt. A rich family tradition in the performing arts, as well as the influence of legendary actors, pop singers and songwriters, has enabled Gaber to develop a profound appreciation of artistic expression.

Self taught, Gaber only began painting in 1994, relying on inspiration from the work of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh, to guide him in his interpretation of landscapes, seascapes, still life and florals. His passion for art is boundless, as is his marriage to his professional career as a researcher in the treatment of cancer, HIV and liver disease.

He is equally passionate in his support of charities, remarking, “I have always kept it in my mind to help people, to use my talent for a good cause.”

For more information about the artist you can visit his art site at:

“Passion for Life” Artist Statement


As a medical researcher, I have come to appreciate how precious life truly is. From the journey faced by those fighting to overcome illness, to the artistic endeavors I have experienced as I continue through my journey of self-expression, one becomes acutely aware life is more than simply existing. It truly is a celebration. If you choose to embrace every day to the fullest; mixing it with a sense of wonder and purpose, you, too, will discover your inner peace. You, too, will realize your passion for life.

Art Critic comments about Gaber’s artwork: Unedited quotes

Prof. John T. Spike, Critic and Art Historian (New York), Director of Florence Biennale

“Antoine Gaber is revisiting the impressionists with a fresh eye and his own sensibility. Gaber has immersed himself in the glories of Impressionism. His brush and heart are dedicated to making the art of the impressionists the art of today.

Prof. Matty Roca, Critic and Art Historian; Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), (Mexico)

” Through Antoine Gaber pictorial voyage, one encounters color, and nature with the Artist own style of painting and brushstrokes. Self-taught artist, his starting point is his interest in all “creative evolution of things” and through his emotions and sensibility his interpretation of nature and details, becomes alive.

The mastering of his impressionistic style delivers in his art, the creation of contrast, tones, and a special rhythmic dynamism of light and of shade, are without any doubts, his strongest points.

The poetical reading of his artwork provides a universe of internal peace and silence. One can imagine being in a bucolic (pastoral) landscape filled with flowers and, a pond dotted with water lilies that irrevocably leads in his profound inhabited emotions felt during the creation of his paintings. “