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The Bay and Orlane Paris partner with Canadian Impressionist painter, Antoine Gaber to fight Breast Cancer.

Launch of Canadian ” Passion for Life” Program to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA).

For Immediate Release:


Vancouver, 29 March 2005:The Bay, Orlane Paris Cosmetics and Canadian, international impressionist artist painter, and cancer researcher, Antoine Gaber, bring art to life in support of cancer awareness and research with “Passion for Life” in Canada. The program, which was launched in Latin America, in July 2004 and in Europe in January 2005, raised funds for breast cancer research and awareness.


“Orlane Paris is thrilled to be a part of the “Passion for Life” program”, said Maud Julier von Badenthal, President of Cosmolane, Distributor of Orlane Paris for Canada. “Beauty and health are fundamentally linked and Cosmolane and Orlane Paris recognized the potential to help women across Canada to feel better about themselves and raise funds in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.” “Orlane has always been linked to the medical and health research fields and will continue on in this tradition to constantly and consistently be of benefit to women worldwide.”


During the month of March, Antoine Gaber will travel to various Bay stores across Canada to showcase some of his original artwork and for autograph sessions. He will be accompanied by renowned breast cancer specialists during the press conferences to inform and update Canadians about the efforts of breast cancer research. Customers can support the cause by purchasing two Orlane Paris treatment products at the Bay under suggestion from one of our skin care specialists (a thorough assessment of the skin will be done).

These customers will receive free, one of four limited edition Antoine Gaber museum quality Giclées reproduction paintings on canvas (current estimated market value of $100.00). Cosmolane/Orlane Paris, has purchased these Giclées and fifty percent of the cost will be donated to Breast Cancer research. As well, fifty percent of the total sales of Antoine’s original artwork will be donated to one of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA) partners.

Orlane Paris will follow up this promotion by offering free “mini-facials” during April for those who participated in this program.


The “Passion for life” fundraising program was created and launched by Antoine Gaber in Mexico and Italy to increase awareness of breast cancer and raise additional funds for research. After the success of the two programs, Gaber decided to launch the program in Canada and created the partnership with Orlane Paris and the Bay who is one of the carriers of the prestige brand in Canada.

The “Passion for life” program was initiated to continue to increase the awareness of breast cancer but also to the need to raise additional research funds to support our ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer,” said Antoine Gaber, Canadian Impressionist painter. “Passion for Life” is an innovative and unique promotion because it addresses women’s beauty needs and enables customers to support an important woman’s issue that is close to many Canadian women. I am extremely optimistic about the success we are going to have in Canada”.


To raise additional funds Antoine Gaber will also be available at certain sites to autograph customer’s Giclées and “Passion for Life” posters for a donation with the total amount going to CBCRA partner.

“The Bay is happy to be a partner in the “Passion for life” program,” said Susan Metzinger, Hbc cosmetics. “We’re hopeful that we can make the Canadian program as successful as Europe and Latin America. What better way to link beauty and art to fight a terrible disease.”


“Although there have been improvements in survival of breast cancer over the last decade, and many of these improvement directly related to research and new drugs, we need to do better. There are still too many women getting breast cancer and dying of the disease. It is only through more funding and new research initiatives this will happen. The “Passion for life” program has been promoted by Antoine Gaber whose creativity is known in both artistic and drug development arenas. Creating awareness and raising more funds for breast cancer research through the CBCRA partners will benefit cancer patients now and in the future”, said Dr. Karen Gelmon, Head of the Breast Cancer Tumor Group at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada.

The following is a schedule of media opportunities and exhibit timelines for Toronto:

Media event – March 29th, 2005 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – Bay Pacific Center, Vancouver

Attending the Media Event :

Dr. Karen Gelmon MD FRCPC, Clinical Professor Medicine, University of British Columbia, Head, British Columbia Cancer Agency Breast Tumour Group
Maud Julier Von Badenthal, President of Cosmolane, Distributor of Orlane Paris for Canada
Antoine Gaber, Canadian International Impressionist Artist Painter / Cancer Researcher / Philanthropist

March 31 th 2005 – 11am to 2pm & 4pm to 6pm – Bay Pacific Center, Vancouver
Antoine Gaber available in-store to autograph Giclées and Posters

About HBC:
Hudson’s Bay Company, established in 1670, is Canada’s largest department store retailer and oldest corporation. The company provides Canadians with the widest selection of goods and services available through retail channels that includes 550 stores led by the Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters chains. Hudson’s Bay Company is one of Canada’s largest employers with 70,000 associates and has operations in every Province in Canada.


About Orlane Paris:
Orlane’s prestige and renown as a brand of highly refined and effective beauty care products is based on over 50 years of research and experience. This is the real secret of Orlane’s International success. Orlane has created landmarks in the beauty sector. For the first time in the history of beauty care, they introduced creams containing scientifically researched ingredients.


About CBCRA:
CBCRA began in 1993 with a four-member collaboration (Canadian Cancer Society, Health Canada Medical Council- to become Canadian Institute of Health Research and National Cancer Institute of Canada). In 1998, it was expanded and strengthened to include three new members (AVON Flame Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and Canadian Breast Cancer Network). Since 1993 CBCRA has allocated more than $120 million to 370 different breast cancer research projects across the entire spectrum of breast cancer research, including prevention early detection, treatment, fundamental laboratory investigations, quality of life and health services.


About the Artist:
Antoine Gaber unique combination as a cancer researcher, businessman and as an internationally recognized artist painter, represents careers that are opposite to each other, raising in several Countries more and more media attention, however, Gaber continuously plays a role in the advancement of art and science. In an incessant desire for harmony, Antoine Gaber, his artistic works, his humanitarian projects and his incommensurable dreams of communion with man and nature contribute in unison to the working of his straightforward mission: utilizing his talent to benefit a good cause. During his various exhibitions held in several Countries, Gaber contributed an important percentage of the sale of his artworks, and the profits from the use of the imagery of his art to raise funds to further support cancer research. Neither success nor notoriety can deter the painter from his ideals.

Antoine Gaber was awarded with the prestigious Prize of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico”, in recognition of Gaber’s artistic career during the 2003 Florence Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea one of the most prestigious art exhibition. Gaber will also represent Canada once again in December 2005 in Florence Italy.

“Passion for Life” Artist Statement


As a medical researcher, I have come to appreciate how precious life truly is. From the journey faced by those fighting to overcome illness, to the artistic endeavors I have experienced as I continue through my journey of self-expression, one becomes acutely aware life is more than simply existing. It truly is a celebration. If you choose to embrace every day to the fullest; mixing it with a sense of wonder and purpose, you, too, will discover your inner peace. You, too, will realize your passion for life.

For further information:

The Bay Contact:
Public Relations HBC
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The Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance (CBCRA)
790 Bay Street, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5G 1N8. Tel: 416-596-6598

Impressionist Artist Painter, Antoine Gaber: