“Water for Life” and the Great Lakes


“Water for Life” International Art Exhibitions is an exclusive Cultural and Artistic International Program that showcases around the world a series of artworks inspired by the theme of water.

Through Art and History, the water theme bonds these exhibitions with Mexico City, thanks to the great support of the famous painter muralist Rina Lazo, who worked together with the famous Mexican Painter Diego Rivera for the creation of an underwater mural inside the building, of the CÁRCAMO DEL RÍO LERMA called “Water, the origin of life “.

“Water for Life” International Art Exhibition is therefore a continuation of this important message of the water theme-initiated years ago through the artistic expression of the famous mural created by Diego Rivera and Rina Lazo in Mexico City.

The 1st Edition was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with the objective to sensitize audiences to an important social and cultural issue; access to safe drinking water.

Water for Life, international Art Exhibition, First Edition, opening at the Niagara Falls History Museum, Niagara Falls.

Since 20% of the fresh water from the world passes through Niagara Falls, thanks to the Great Lakes (a series of large interconnected freshwater lakes with certain sea-like characteristics), and as the Founder and Artistic Director of “Water for Life” Exhibitions, I felt that it was very relevant to highlight the importance of their size, volume of water and commercial impact of the Great Lakes.

Several threats to the Great Lakes’ ecosystems, include invasive species, toxins, water diversion, pollution (including sewage overflows), wetland habitat destruction and climate change. Climate change, affects water temperatures, weather patterns, and lake levels. Pollutants from residential, agricultural, and industrial areas reduce water quality issues as experienced in other several Countries.

Because of the sheer size of the individual Great Lakes, it means that pollutants can stay in the system for a long time based on their depth. A water droplet of pollutant will reside in Lake Superior for as long as 191 years, Lake Michigan for 99 years, Lake Huron for 22 years, whereas the smaller Lakes Ontario for 6 years and Erie for 2.6 years.

As the Great Lakes provide 48 million people with clean drinking water as it holds 84% of the surface freshwater of North America, and 21% of the world’s supply, it is of utmost importance to protect those waters especially from a health perspective to all the surrounding population. 

The role of the “Water for Life” 6th Edition is therefore to sensitize the public to stop the pollution in the Great Lakes by choosing reusable alternatives to keep plastic pollution out of the Lakes.

This “Water for Life” International Art Exhibition, 6th Edition is therefore a unique and exclusive collection of sceneries captured while navigating on multiple occasions on the 5 Great Lakes. Hopefully, this exhibition will sensitize and inspire the public’s protection through the beauty of these waters.