WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2018: Message from James M. Diodati, Mayor of Niagara Falls

His Worship, James Diodati, Mayor City of Niagara Falls and Antoine Gaber, Art Director/ Event Curator, “Water for Life” International Art Exhibition

Message from the Mayor

As the Patron of the “Water for Life” International Art Exhibition at the Niagara Falls History Museum it gives me great pleasure to welcome you the exclusive Canadian premiere of this international cultural event.

“Water for Life” showcases the water-inspired works of a significant number of renowned national and international artists from 18 countries. The global need for clean water is enormous. Nearly a billion individuals- one in seven people on the planet lack safe drinking water. The objective of the exhibition is to sensitize audiences to this critical social and cultural issue. We hope that the theme of water, used for this international exhibition, will transform and shape your views about the importance of clean water for life.

On behalf of the Niagara Falls City Council, I would like to thank the event’s organizers for their efforts to raise the awareness of this important issue and to be part of a solution that will make a difference in the lives of people who struggle with poor sanitation conditions and lack of access to safe water.

Mayor James M. Diodati