WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, 5th Edition 2023: Message from Biol. Néstor Urbina Rincón, Directorship of the National Park, Palenque; Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF), Agua Azul waterfalls, Chiapas, México

For the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas through the Direction of the Palenque National Park, it is an honour to host the 5th and 6th edition of “Water for Life” where internationally renowned artists will exhibit their artworks related to the importance and care of water.

What better venue for such an important event than the National Park, as there are several water sources that form four streams: Otolum, Piedra Bola, Motiepa and Picota, where the Otolum includes the area called Baño de la Reina and the Motiepa that forms a waterfall that bears its name, and join the Rio Michol.

Through these selected artists’ artworks, we can create awareness about this vital liquid, essential for the development of all human activities, the ecosystem, the population, users and visitors of this protected natural area, and no better way to promote care and protection of water, as it is becoming less available for human beings.  

Through these artworks the audience will enjoy, understand, analyse their own behaviour and how they see their relationship towards water in the near future, as it is used in all activities, for which we have in great quantity in our protected natural areas. These areas are extremely important sites for the conservation of natural resources, in order to guarantee the availability of water resources, which are essential for human beings.

We thank and warmly welcome the artists, organisers and the General Public to Palenque National Park; and may this event be of benefit and generate positive results in the protection of water.

Biol. Nestor Urbina Rincón

Directorship of the National Park, Palenque;

Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF)

Agua Azul waterfalls

Chiapas, Mexico