WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, 7th Edition 2023: Message from Lic.Eduardo Del Rio Trejo, Director of Training, La Salle University, Cancun, Mexico

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One of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century is to make a rational use and management of natural resources.

La Salle is an educational institution founded in 1680 by Saint John Baptist de La Salle in the French city of Reims, and today is present in more than 77 countries with educational and university centres. The values that support its ideology are Faith, Fraternity, Justice, Service and Commitment.

We embrace the Lasallian value of commitment, when we plan and react appropriately to the challenges of modern society, such as the rational use of natural resources.

For La Salle University Cancun, “Water for Life” means recognising the commitment that we have to preserve the essential resource of water. 

According to the United Nations, droughts are becoming more and more extreme, pollution of rivers, canals, lakes and oceans are a global problem that affect one in three people on the planet.

Deforestation, maritime traffic, industrial activities, among others, directly affect and contaminate this vital element.

Art is undoubtedly a peaceful method of exposure with the power to visualise situations in search of improvement. We are very happy to collaborate with “Water for Life” because we feel that their objectives, workshops and achievements are in line with our university perspectives and values.

We invite the whole community, from the university and external, to visit and reflect on this wonderful exhibition that brings us closer to the collaboration for searching solutions for a sustainable future.

Lic Eduardo Del Rio Trejo

Director of Training, La Salle University, Cancun, Mexico