ANTOINE GABER, Canadian Contemporary Digital Artist, Photographer, Film Producer and Impressionist Painter.

As an Artist and Cancer researcher, Gaber supported several charity organizations internationally for the treatment of cancer, HIV and liver diseases. He founded and launched in 2004, his International Program “PASSION FOR LIFE” (Latin America, Europe, Canada) to increase cancer awareness and raise funds for research. Gaber brought art to life with “PASSION FOR LIFE” and brought “Hope for life” to patients struggling with this disease.

Antoine Gaber, twice awarded at the Florence Biennale, Italy, with the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” prize for his artistic career (2003,2007).

Antoine was featured and listed in the reputable and well-established International Art Book “Who’s Who in International Art”, 2007 edition, regrouping the famous and new names in the arts of the 21st Century, extending Gaber’s International recognition within the art world. Gaber was selected, as one of the 152 artists chosen from 22 countries within 5 continents.

As a digital artist in 2009 he created a unique technique for his digital art photography named “Evolutional Ribbonized Photography™“.

Gaber recently enriched his artistic talent as the Producer and Director of his first provocative and inquisitive 99-minute feature documentary titled” It’s All About ME”. He was twice awarded during International Film Festivals in 2013 and 2014.

In 2017 Berta Taracena, famous Mexican Historian and Art Critic, honored Gaber to become the first Canadian Artist ever, to join the prestigious artist group of the “MIRADA COLOSAL”. Gaber was inducted into the prestigious Artists group at the Senate in Mexico City for his universal vision of the arts, while also supporting important social causes.         

In 2018 he was inducted by the City of Niagara Falls, to the Wall of Fame, for his contribution to the Arts & Culture of the Region.

In 2018 Gaber as the Artistic Director, he launched “Water for Life”, International Art Exhibitions, a cultural and artistic program that showcases around the world a series of artworks inspired by the theme of water. The purpose is to convey the message that water is essential to our very existence and to sensitize audiences to this critical social issue that “one person out of 7 in the world does not have access to drinkable water”. With the theme of water, our objective is to sensitize audiences through art to an important social and cultural issue that is also affected by Climate Change.

In parallel, “Water for Life”, created Children and Adolescent Art Workshops to sensitize children through artistic expression to the role they play in protecting water.

Water for Life “supported the 1989 United Nations Convention for the Rights of Children and Adolescence, partnering in 2018-2019 with the Italian initiative “World Day for the Rights of Children and Adolescence” II & III Edition in Florence, bringing these itinerant exhibitions to an International level thanks to the participation of children from Sweden, Canada, USA, Spain and Mexico.

In 2019, “Water for Life”, Children and Adolescent Art Workshops exhibited in Canada (Niagara Falls), Mexico (Cancun) and Italy (Florence).

During the same period, the Centre for UNESCO of Florence, Italy partnered with “Water for Life” overall successful Program as it was aligned with their Global mission and vision to protect water.

By 2023, Gaber had over 67 exhibitions in 27 cities and 10 different Countries. Among the total exhibitions many were held in several Museums and other very prestigious locations in different Countries in Europe, Mexico and Canada. Gaber artwork was also recognized by over 12 International Art Critics from several Countries (Argentina, Italy, Mexico, USA).

Gaber continuously plays a role in the advancement of art and science. In an incessant desire for harmony, his artistic works, his humanitarian projects and his incommensurable dreams of communion with man and nature contribute in unison to the working of his straightforward mission: utilizing his talents to benefit a good cause. An increasing unique presence on the world’s artistic stage is indicative of the piercing vision that guides and shapes Gaber’s ever-evolving oeuvre.