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About the Program

About the Program

PASSION FOR LIFE is a program to fight cancer, launched in July 2004 by Antoine Gaber, a Canadian artist painter, and philanthropist internationally renowned. The artist has married two spheres of his life,art and clinical research, in establishing this program to raise awareness and funds in order to turn his passion for art into a source of hope and a hand reaching out to help others.

Passion for life and art, are two driving forces in Antoine Gaber’s life, which he has magnificently merged in his relentless fight against disease. For over 25 years, this impressionist painter has contributed to the development of a variety of medications that are used around the world today for the treatment of many different types of cancer.

This has led to his PASSION FOR LIFE project. Through sales of his art and images of his work, Gaber helps fund cancer research and creates greater public awareness about the disease.

Antoine Gaber, Canadian artist, cancer researcher, and founder of the Passion for Life Program, amongst other things organizes art exhibitions around the world. International artists contribute to the Program by exhibiting their artworks in prestigious locations with the aim of both fundraising for cancer research, raise awareness and prevention of the disease. In every Country where exhibitions take place, collateral events are organized and funds raised are given to the local Charities related to cancer.

Indeed, Antoine Gaber strives to heal and soothe the viewer with his art (art healing), because absorbing beauty is the first step in any healing of the body and spirit.

Today, PASSION FOR LIFE is an International Program that has earned the support of many personalities from the arts, scientific communities, and as well as many dignitaries.

By acquiring items from Antoine Gaber’s signed collection, you are supporting the PASSION FOR LIFE initiative and contributing to the artist’s mission: putting his talent to work for a good cause in an ongoing concern for harmony and communion with people and nature.