Water for Life, Children and Adolescent Art Workshops, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

About the Program

In 2018 Gaber as the Artistic Director, he launched “Water for Life”, International Art Exhibitions, a cultural and artistic program that showcases around the world a series of artworks inspired by the theme of water. The purpose is to convey the message that water is essential to our very existence and to sensitize audiences to this critical social issue that “one person out of 7 in the world does not have access to drinkable water”. With the theme of water, our objective is to sensitize audiences through art to an important social and cultural issue that is also affected by Climate Change.

In parallel, “Water for Life”, created Children and Adolescent Art Workshops to sensitize children through artistic expression to the role they play in protecting water.

Water for Life “supported the 1989 United Nations Convention for the Rights of Children and Adolescence, partnering in 2018-2019 with the Italian initiative “World Day for the Rights of Children and Adolescence” II & III Edition in Florence, bringing these itinerant exhibitions to an International level thanks to the participation of children from Sweden, Canada, USA, Spain and Mexico.

In 2019, “Water for Life”, Children and Adolescent Art Workshops exhibited in Canada (Niagara Falls), Mexico (Cancun) and Italy (Florence).

During the same period, the Centre for UNESCO of Florence, Italy partnered with “Water for Life” overall successful Program as it was aligned with their Global mission and vision to protect water.