In his final interview, Greg Witz gives his advice for how to lead the younger generation.


The different generations, the impact of the current education system on the workplace and the employers challenges with Gen ME.


Greg Witz

President of Witz Education, Gen X

Through a rich understanding of business processes, facilitation and executive coaching, Greg has effectively and energetically delivered programs that transform careers and lives. Morphing company cultures, raising staff retention, reengaging team members and increasing bottom line profitability are all byproducts of his body of work.

A graduate of the University of Toronto’s O.I.S.E. Adult Education Program, Greg is Founder and President of Witz Education Inc. Personally and professionally, Greg is ever evolving, continually learning the newest technology, marketing and social media strategies stems to keep him and his clients on the cutting edge of business.  Greg has worked with many companies, including Canon Canada, St. Louis Bar & Grill, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Sharp. His rich understanding of organizational and human development coupled with his own corporate experience in sales and marketing, facilitation and executive coaching allow Greg to effectively and energetically design and deliver programs that have transformed the careers and lives of thousands of course attendees.