In today’s interview we chat with Jared Kligerman, VP Business Development Witz Education. He is not a typical Gen-Y and we discuss what makes him difference and his thoughts around today’s youth.


Understand how as a Gen Y he became successful, especially in this economical challenging time where other Gen Y are struggling.


Jared Kligerman

VP Business Development at Witz Education, Gen-Y

Jared completed his BSc in Biology and followed that with an Honours BSc in Neuropsychology, both from Bishop’s University. He became an MBTI Practitioner in 2010 while working at Witz Education and finishing his MBA at the Schulich School of Business, which he completed in 2011.

Jared is not only committed to developing himself but also Witz Education, being promoted to VP in 2012. His ability to turn technical jargon into straightforward “so easy a monkey could do it” language, combined with his strong belief in Witz Certified training programs, allows Jared to make even the most technically challenged feel at ease. On top of running the technology division of Witz, Jared manages the marketing for the firm, as well as researching and writing many of the company’s white papers. Passionate about training, Jared has contributed to the development of several Witz courses and is in the process of becoming a trainer for their REMARKABLE Service program.