Award for Best Documentary “It’s All About ME” during the Daring International Film Festival

Here is some of the viewer’s testimonials post screening of the film.

“It’s All About Me” is a brilliant documentary, which carries a strong message to parents and educators all around the world. We are parents of 3 and we’ve always wondered why our kids are raised and educated in such a twisted way in the last 18 years. It’s all about endless praising, bribing with gifts, complete lack of competition in schools and activities. The homework is simply not there anymore because our kids are “very smart” already. Perhaps, maybe there is no need for schools, and our kids can just YouTube their way through? This issue was addressed in the film, as well as other important topics that would surely interest parents and educators. The epidemic of narcissism is explained in the film as a personality disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. It affects many areas of our lives, such as relationships, work, school and finances.

A professionally produced documentary, with high quality images, sound, and with meaningful content, I would rate “It’s All About Me” 5.0/ 5.0 stars.

Thank you Antoine Gaber for opening our minds and allow us to see the realities of this important societal issue and potential solutions with this film.

Vadim Potapov, MSc. Software Engineer
Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA

“This documentary provides a comprehensive overview of how narcissism in its heightened levels today has its roots in the societal tensions and parenting styles of earlier generations. The unique contribution here is the demonstration of how the rise of technology and social media contributes but does not fully account for the problem. All of this is explained with insightful interviews, engaging imagery, and haunting effects that leaves a lasting impression on what has happened and provokes thinking on what can be done now to re-set our course in raising the next generation.”

Andrea S. Ettingoff, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist
Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
Philadelphia, PA

While visiting Toronto, Charmaine had the opportunity to see “It’s All About ME” at the premiere. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was very fortunate to be at the documentary premiere held in Toronto, and not expecting too much from it. I too, am a baby boomer and could see so much I did and still do in this film. I have discussed this documentary with so many of our friends and colleagues who are in the health sector with very interesting feedback. I would love for this film to be brought by the media here in Australia, as it is very profound and insightful documentary.”

Charmaine S., Australia

“As a father of four grown children and a Baby Boomer myself, I found this engaging documentary had a profound impact on me. The views expressed in this film by the professionals and members of Gen ME, gave reason for pause. I was most certainly able to draw parallels between what they were saying and the behavior of my own children, as well as my past behavior as a young man and parent. It was very engaging and eye opening. Anyone who is involved with the education, care and nurturing of young people would do well to watch this documentary.”

Brian S., Lindsay, ON

” I think your message is so important and needs to be heard. I have been passing your film website on to many friends over the weeks since I saw “It’s all about ME” Premiere screening in Toronto, it has not left my thoughts. ”

“It’s All About Me” documentary has left a lasting impression on me and confirmed the kind of parent I want to be. After seeing the film, I was offered a job and felt empowered to tell my future employer that I would only be available to work while my children were in school, that I needed to be home for them and I would not be putting them in daycare. I accepted the job and my employer appreciated my decision. “It’s all about ME” has several important messages that need to be heard by all parents. ”

Colleen M., Burlington, Ontario