WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2018: Message from Angelina Herrera International Cultural Promoter and Coordinator

Message from Angelina Herrera International Cultural Promotor and Coordinator

The humanitarian mission of Antoine Gaber, Artistic Director of “Water for Life” International Art Exhibition, is to raise public awareness of the importance of the lack of safe drinking water in the world. In support of his efforts to this important cause, 37 international renowned artists from 18 countries joined enthusiastically to send through their art an important message in support of a better world.

In his constant quest of artistic exploration and expression, he has the ability to jump from painting to photography and film production, while he harmoniously combined his artistic talents with his career as cancer researcher in clinical development of several cancer medications including liver diseases.

In 2004, Gaber created his fundraising program “Passion for Life” to raise funds to support several organizations for the fight against cancer and increase public awareness about the disease.

Through his program, Gaber organized important international artistic and cultural events receiving the support of selected artists, renowned personalities from the art world, movie industry, scientific communities, politicians and other dignitaries.

My participation, collaboration in the promotion of Antoine Gaber’s exhibitions (57 Exhibitions, 25 Cities, 10 Countries) has been, without any doubt, an enriching and rewarding activity as it favoured the development of art and science allowing being in communion with humanity and nature.

“Water for Life” is therefore an extension of the “Passion for Life” Program, supporting Gaber’s passion and commitment to human beings and their well-being.

Angelina Herrera (Florence Italy)

International Cultural Promoter / Event Coordinator

Member of the Passion for Life Organizing Committee