WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2019: Message from Carlos Marín, General Director, Alltournative, Cancun, Mexico

The origin of Alltournative was inspired by underground rivers, being these important water providers in the Yucatan Peninsula and which are unique systems in the world. For us, its preservation was and will be one of the most important tasks, since as a sustainable organization, we are committed to guarantee that future generations could have access to existing natural resources not by duty, but by right.

Our bond with their protection has been strengthened with the discovery of Rio Secreto, one of the main sources of fresh water in Playa del Carmen and, as a result, the establishment of Centinelas del Agua non-profit foundation that leads the conservation of the groundwater systems in the region. Our participation in this event, in partnership with the Universidad del Caribe and “Water for Life”, makes us feel like we are all allies and believers that thanks to art, we will be able to raising public awareness to continue in the mission of preserving this vital resource, protecting these rivers that give us life.

Carlos Marín

General Director, Alltournative