WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2019: Message from Dr. Ana Pricila Sosa Ferrreira, Dean, Universidad del Caribe, Cancun, Mexico

It is an honor for the Universidad del Caribe, to be part of a project that shares similar principles of humanism, inter- connection, innovation, sustainability and to participate in this program for which art is an essential part of training, evolution and life. Water for Life takes us from the beginning of life to a responsible development; from nature to art, from the elemental to the essential. Creating awareness through art is the most efficient way of communicating and the best tool for a complete education.

Our natural environment makes us the owners of a valuable heritage in which water is an element that is both present and fragile. Water for Life is a reminder of this condition and the serious risks if we neglect the issue and is taking us by the hand, through art to address a social responsibility, and create a present and future awareness. We thank Antoine Gaber for sharing with the University community, the one of Cancun and Mexico this call to preserve our most valuable and essential resource: water

Dr. Ana Pricila Sosa Ferrreira

Dean, Universidad del Caribe