WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 2019: Message from María Rosa Ochoa Avila, Director of Patronage, Universidad del Caribe, Cancun, Mexico

Water in essence is the same for every human being, but it does not always manifests itself in the same way. The population in Cancun and in the Yucatan Peninsula do not have fresh water in big lakes or mighty rivers, our water resources instead are found in the subsoil, in the cenotes, found in the deep caverns beneath the earth. The Universidad del Caribe is delighted to host Water for Life, which allows us to value and celebrate the multicultural and different conceptions of life and water represented by the artists through their artworks.

We welcome with open arms, as we always do in Mexico, this call for artists from Antoine Gaber and Angelina Herrera, that brought to our Universidad del Caribe, Water for Life with the participation of international artists, that commit themselves with this multicultural project to bring awareness of the urgent need of protecting water. Reflection and observation of art and nature, not only revitalizes our senses and emotions, but also is essential for our harmonious survival.

María Rosa Ochoa Avila

Director of Patronage

Universidad del Caribe