Artist Anita Fleerackers is allowed to attend a prestigious exhibition in Mexico: “This is an international recognition”

Gierle – Artist Anita Fleerackers (62) from Gierle is the only Belgian representative to participate in the prestigious exhibition Water for life in the Maya museum in Cancun, Mexico at the end of March. “This is an international recognition of the path I have traveled in my career as an artist”, says Anita Fleerackers.

Bart Van den Langenbergh

March 7 at 13:32

Anita Fleerackers has been making ceramics, sculptures and paintings in her studio at Hemeldonk in Gierle for years, but shifted her boundaries to digital art last year during the full corona crisis. The artist makes and edits digital photos of existing images and then fixes them on plexiglass. This approach already earned her a gold medal in a competition for European artists last year. At the end of March, she can also make it happen on the other side of the world, in Mexico.

Digital art

The two digital artworks Horse Illusion and Red Bull by Anita Fleerackers will be on display from Thursday March 24 to Sunday April 3 at the Maya Museum in Cancun, Mexico. “The fourth edition of the Water for life exhibition will take place there. This cultural and artistic program showcases a series of works of art around the world, inspired by the theme of water,” explains Anita Fleerackers. “I am allowed to participate in this prestigious exhibition at the invitation and support of the Flemish community. My artworks themselves have already traveled all over the world, but I have never exhibited outside Europe myself. This is a fantastic experience for me and an international recognition of the path I have traveled in my career as an artist.”

Mangroves and Cenotes

Artists from fifteen countries from all over the world are present at the Water for life exhibition. This fourth edition focuses on mangroves and cenotes as two natural resources in need of protection. Mangroves are species of trees or shrubs that often protrude prominently from the ground and are very important for biodiversity, coastal protection and water purification, but they are threatened worldwide. A cenote is an important source of fresh water and is common in regions where there are no above-ground rivers. “I am someone who loves nature a lot and thinks the need for water is very important. I grew up in a farming family myself and I still have a soft spot for agriculture,” says the artist. “Soon I will pack the two works of art that are going to Mexico in a large box to send them there. It is not the intention to sell those works there. The exhibition is a window to the world and also to larger works of art.”

As a foretaste of her participation in Water for life, Anita invites Fleerackers to a preview on Cancun at her home on Sunday 6 March, Saturday 12 March and Sunday 13 March, each time from 1 pm to 7 pm at Hemeldonk 9 in Gierle.

The poster of the exhibition Water for life in the Maya museum in Cancun, Mexico.