WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, 5th Edition 2023, 4th Edition 2022: Message from Dr. Agnese Sartori, Academic in Arts and Anthropology, MEXICO

Coming back to the Mayan Land, after several years of studying and researching, in the journey constantly motivated by cultural and artistic growth, I accepted with great enthusiasm to participate in the 5th edition of “Water for Life”.

This invitation is considered as an extraordinary experience to be able to share the Magic of the Mayan World still alive, with artists from different parts of the World, embraced by the Ancient Beauty of these exuberant lands, enchanted lagoons, stunning waterfalls and rivers that meander through the Jungle for kilometers.

Natural treasures constantly threatened by the madness and destructive ignorance, should be resolved by sharing information, with important cultural and artistic projects, capable of promoting a new consciousness and a social response, especially by raising awareness in the younger audiences, thanks to education and artistic promotion considered as a privileged channel.

In this instance, the role of “Water for Life” has become a true Mission as it has the possibility of transforming, with its precious and tireless production and artistic diffusion, into a real pride for all collaborators committed to shape and strengthen its message, through the management of its necessary planning and logistics.

Palenque, magical Mayan land, deserves this homage that Water for Life offers this year, sowing an important seed towards an evolution of consciousness capable of transforming everything into a new vision, and thus enlivening other future projects inspired by the protection of the waters of Chiapas…and those of the entire planet.

“Deeply happy and honored to participate in the noble project of “Water for Life”, of high intellectual, artistic and ethical value that will take place in the prestigious Mayan Museum of Cancun. This project will allow us to enthusiastically contribute elements of personal research, to enrich the precious mosaic of exchange of artistic and cultural experiences, each day more revealing and magnificent.” a.s.