WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, 5th Edition 2023: Message from Arqlgo. José Pablo Bravo Coutiño, Director of the Palenque Site Museum “Dr. Alberto Ruz L’huillier”, Chiapas, Mexico

José Pablo Bravo Coutiño CROPPED

It is a privilege for those of us who make up the work team at the Museo de Sitio de Palenque “Dr. Alberto Ruz L’huillier”, to be part of the 5th edition of Water for Life, that will take place in March, a date that internationally reminds us of the importance of this vital natural resource for all living beings on our planet.

The Dr. Alberto Ruz L’huillier Museum has the category of “Site Museum” since it is located within an area of high historical, cultural and archaeological relevance, due to its direct link with the Palenque Archaeological Monuments Zone.

As a brief historical review, let us remember that the ancient pre-Hispanic settlement, to which we are referring, was named Lakamhá whose meaning translates as “Place where waters abound” due to the great importance of this vital liquid, to the streams that are born from the hills and surround this human settlement, and which is represented by the presence of important architectural works, evidence of sophisticated urban planning such as aqueducts, reflecting pools, ponds; and in iconographic representations on boards inside the temples; as well as ideological-ritual objects. Water was also considered a medium on which, ideologically, the ch’ulel “soul/essence” was transported to the underworld, the home where the gods dwell. In this way, we can understand that water was appreciated and valued; and that its use, apart from everyday life, played a role of great relevance in the worldview of peoples since ancient times.

Palenque Site Museum not only projects the conjunction of the important natural environment with the vestiges of a powerful pre-Hispanic settlement, but it is also a space to promote cultural exchange. For this reason, this museum is embellished in being the host of the 5th and 6th edition of Water for Life with the presence and collaboration of international artists, and the solo exhibition of Antoine Gaber “Navigating the Great Lakes” whose objective, through the arts, is to increase awareness about the importance of protecting water. We are looking forward to your attendance.

Arqlgo. José Pablo Bravo Coutiño

Director of the Palenque Site Museum “Dr. Alberto Ruz L’huillier”, Chiapas, Mexico