WATER FOR LIFE, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION 5th Edition 2023: Message from María Cristina Castellanos Macosay, President of Pueblo Mágico Citizens’ Committee

María Cristina Castellanos Macosay Crop

We are pleased to have this important event in Palenque, we do appreciate all the events that consider Palenque as a venue, however, Water for life, touches a much more sensitive chord, WATER, the vital liquid.

Even if our habitat is privileged by nature, giving us a large amount of water, and as a consequence a lavish vegetation, it is important to raise awareness in the preservation of our natural environment, and that is exactly what we intend to achieve with this beautiful initiative of “Water for Life”.

For us, Citizen Committee of Pueblo Mágico of Palenque, it represents a double commitment to participate in the organisation and facilitation of this great event, since our vocation is precisely to bring and facilitate events of this importance that enrich the life of our citizens, as well as the national and international projection of our town.

Welcome to all participants, artists and organisers, and thanks for the confidence in Palenque


Yours sincerely,

María Cristina Castellanos Macosay

President of the Pueblo Mágico Citizens’ Committee