The generational divide is a timely topic as members of Generation Me enter the workplace, more commonly known to them as the infamous real world, and find themselves at a loss with how to communicate with Baby Boomer bosses. Of course, that same confusion is also felt by the Baby Boomer employers who aren’t sure how to manage these younger generation employees. Clearly, we’re not calling the phenomenon a divide for no reason — these divided generations function, think, and communicate differently and thus it can be hard to yield results that please all parties.

Generation Y is currently at an age where most of its’ members are entering that dreaded real world job for the first time. Since we strive to offer solutions for the generational issues, Director/Producer of “It’s All About Me” Antoine Gaber, sat down with Metro News to offer some advice for those looking for a job, or about to start a new one. Be sure to have a read to avoid any future misunderstandings, and pick up some tips along the way.